Donna Lewis (born 5 August 1973, Cardiff) is a Welsh singer-songwriter and record producer, best known for the 1996 pop hit single “I Love You Always Forever”, and the adult contemporary chart-topper “At the Beginning” with Richard Marx.

[edit] Biography
At the age of six, Lewis began playing the piano.[1] Her father, a jazz pianist lent encouragement, and while still a teenager, she began writing songs.[1] Her formal training was at the Welsh College of Music and Drama, majoring in classical composition for piano and flute.[1] Lewis then went on to teach music for a year in Sussex before moving to Birmingham to sing in a bar band.[1] She began to record original compositions in a recording studio she set up herself.[1][2] Before long she became a popular live attraction and circa 1993 began sending her demos to record labels.[1]

The U.S. based Atlantic Records took an interest in Lewis and subsequently released her first single, “I Love You Always Forever”, a catchy, pop-driven love song which went on to became a major hit on VH1.[1] It was also successful on U.S. radio, staying at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100[3] for nine consecutive weeks[3], and spending 13 consecutive weeks at number one on the airplay chart. [3] It exceeded one million “spins” on radio, to claim its place in music industry history as the most-played single up to that point, until Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” broke the record two years later.[citation needed] The single reached number five on the UK Singles Chart in 1996, and spent 16 weeks in the UK Top 10.[4] It helped her debut album, Now in a Minute, to No. 6 in the U.S. Billboard 200[5] chart, and No. 52 in the UK Albums Chart.[4] It was certified platinum in the U.S.[6]

In 1997 Lewis appeared as herself in the Season 7 episode of Beverly Hills, 90210, “The Phantom of CU”.

Lewis recorded “At the Beginning” with Richard Marx for the 1997 film Anastasia. Her second LP, Blue Planet (1998), won critical acclaim, but it was largely overlooked by the public. Although it produced a minor hit in continental Europe and Asia, “I Could Be the One”, and a U.S. number-one dance single, “Love Him”, Lewis parted ways with Atlantic Records[2] and independently produced her third LP, Be Still (2002), which featured her on an almost entirely acoustic set. During the early 2000s Lewis was featured as a guest vocalist on several trance music/house music recordings. Her fourth LP, In the Pink, was released in 2008; its first single was “Shout,” which was included in the soundtrack to the Marian Quinn film 32A. Donna’s “Chute” project, intended for release a few years ago, is likely to see the light of day in EP form soon and more is on the horizon: another upcoming EP with ambient/pop-soundscapist Ryan Farish as well as a regular studio album from Donna. Donna just released “Indeed” and “True Friends” as digital downloads through and her Facebook page.

[edit] Discography
[edit] Albums
Now in a Minute (1996)
Blue Planet (1998)
Be Still (2002)
In the Pink (2008)

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