• A Brief History Of...Post-Disco

    Feb 28 2008, 6:27 di BadgerJohn31

    The description and playlist below are from the weekly radio show (A Brief History Of…) that my friend and I host on WSUM 91.7fm Madison (the University of Wisconsin's radio station). We selected songs we felt were either historically important or just representative of each specific topic. Please comment if you feel we missed something or just to give your opinion. Remember, however, that we do this show in an hour (about 50 minutes of music), so no show will ever be comprehensive. Track length is a major factor in our decisions (shorter is usually better). Thanks!

    A Brief History of...Post-Disco follows Disco's direct descendants into the underground clubs of Continental Europe, New York, and Chicago where various musicians experimented with the Disco sound. The beginning of the show looks at the type of Disco that became popular in these underground clubs. The middle portion explores some of the more experimental sounds that evolved from that basic Disco dance groove. …