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Dikta is an indie rock band from Iceland. They have released three albums thus far.

In its present incarnation, the group began in 1999. They played in the Icelandic band competition Músíktilraunir in 2000 and were finalists. Dikta’s four members have been friends since they were children. Last year they’ve played on festivals such as In The City in Manchester, the SPOT-festival in Denmark and Iceland Airwaves. Their powerful performance in front of a packed venue at Iceland Airwaves earned them a mention in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Dikta’s first album, “Andartak”, was released in late 2002. It was released in Iceland by the band members themselves under their own label called Mistak Records. One of its singles reached the top of the Icelandic charts. All three singles, “Taminóra,” “Andartak,” and “Engin orð,” were played frequently on Iceland’s largest rock station at the time, X-ið 977. The lyrics on “Andartak” are all in Icelandic.

Dikta released their second album, “Hunting for Happiness” in 2005 in Iceland. The album was produced by Ace from Skunk Anansie and was released by the Sugarcubes-owned label, Smekkleysa SM (Bad Taste). The album artwork was made by Gabríela Friðriksdóttir, who has previously collaborated extensively with Björk. “Hunting for Happiness” also had four successful singles, “Chloë”, “Breaking the Waves”, “Someone, Somewhere” and “Losing Every Day”.


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