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Der Noir


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DER NOIR is an Italian wave trio composed of
Manuele Frau (vocals), Manuel Mazzenga (electric and bass guitar) and Luciano Lamanna (drum machines, synthesizers).

The group formed in Roma in summer 2011 by the will of both elements to create something new far from their usual musical out-fits, in fact all the members come from different musical fields:

Frau as guitarist from “Black Land” (heavy-psych) and Dirty Power Game (ultra crust), Mazzenga from “Nocturnal Degrade” (depressive-black one-man band) and Lamanna from “Ivs Primae Noctis” (black industrial drone) and under the moniker of “Lou Chano” as a beat producer & tekno artist with “Ministero dell’Inferno” and “Tekno Mobil Squad”.

Faith wanted to give a possibility to theese guys to try other ways of expression insomuch as they began recording their debut album over a one-month period in the Audio Division’s studio where Lamanna works as sound engineer and producer with the help of Andrea Merlini in mastering process.

The sound result blends cold wave, dark pop, shoegaze and depressive with a focus on vocal and guitar textures. Also the choice to use vintage machines and equipment to give the sound a particular old & cold shape is not by chance, during the recording sessions were used 80’s synths like Polysix, Pro One, Moog Voyager and Juno 6, the Roland 909 drum machine, valve outboard signal processors and all that have nothing to do with digital stuff.


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