Ukrainian band Delia have been existing since September 2005. Initially the group consisted of four participants: Anastasia (vocal), Sergey (guitar), Dmitry (bass) and Vitaliy (drums). In March 2006 keyboardist Lidia joined the band. She entered the group very promptly, easily and harmonically. Five of the musicians together began to realize their creative ideas seriously. Writing the songs and arrangements occupies practically all free time. Beautiful lyrical female vocal, keyboard with the symphonic slope and rocking beats – key elements, on which the music of Delia is based.

Musicians of the band consider that trifles and details are the most important. That’s why besides the writing arrangements Delia has a serious approach to the rehearsal process and musicians spend much time working off details and nuances.

The group records the lump of demo materials. Songs that had been spread out in the Internet were welcomed by positive references, comments and discussions of the creation of the band at different music forums.

At the end of December 2007 bass-guitarist Dmitry Bykov informed about his leaving from the group. The main reason – impossibility of further combination of his professional activity in the field of chemistry with the music. From January 2008 Delia began to rehearse with the new bassist Mikhail Gudzenko and a month later restarted their concert activity.

With the updated staff the band performed at the festival “Rock-Swallows” (Delia took first place and was invited to the final gala-concert), participated in the twin concert action “Razmorozka” (Kherson – Kahovka), played in Cherkassy. For the performance on the Tribute to Within Temptation the group prepared special program with a choir which consisted of both compositions of WT and own. In Summer 2008 Delia got Grand Prix of the festival “Rock-Swallows” and performed at the festival “Pro Rock”. In Autumn the band participated in the international festivals “Children Of The Night” and “The Global Battle of the Bands”.

In November 2008 keyboardist Lidia left the band. The main reason of a leaving was a divergence of views on future creativity.

In December Delia finished making a debut video and started preparing for recording an album which is planned for March 2009.

Anastasia, vocals
Sergey, guitars
Michael, bass guitars
Vitaly, drums

Lidia, keyboards (March 2006 - November 2008)
Dmitry, bass (September 2005 - January 2008)

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