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DJs From Mars


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Djs From Mars are two deejays (Aqualuce and Ventafunk) landed for random causes, in the same time, in the same place, in BlissCo. Studios, on planet Earth.
Their first sonic experiment is generated in 2004, and goes by the name of “Non dormo più” (Movimental), Earth reaction is nice (the single appears in 5 compilations and goes straight to the highest charts positions). Right after, “Open Sesame” and “Kipo Mambo” (Movimental, 2005) are released, and the alien djs are playlisted outside of Italy too.

After a break for personal reasons, they come back with “The Motherfucker” (Green Park, 2007), it’s digital age, the track has an international flavor that brings Djs From Mars in the charts of several online stores on the planet.
The next episode is “Who gives a fuck about deejays” (The Dominion, 2008), that takes them to be appreciated by some top house djs in Europe, and brings some remixes requests by in France (Armand de France – I Say Ride on – FalcoMusic, 2008) and in Germany (Alex Megane – Hurricane 2008 – Yawa Rec.).
The following step is the remake of an old dance track by theirselves, called “Dirty Mary”, that is airplayed by lots of top dance radios in Italy and Europe….in the meantime, the djs start a remix collaboration with the Brazilian dj and label owner Diovanni, (Don’t stop the music – TronicB7, 2008).
They also join their label mates Freakadelika, with the remix of “I don’t like it” (GreenPark, 2008), and dB Pure, that has his tracks “All night long” and “Falling Down” (Green Park, 2008) remixed by the martians, with big feedbacks from top djs in the Mediterranean area.


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