• 03.31.06 Thavius Beck, Bigg Jus, Daedelus and Busdriver @ The Echo

    Apr 2 2006, 2:50 di goldenticket

    Thavius Beck, Bigg Jus, Daedelus and Busdriver
    @ The Echo

    This show was a showcase for Mush Records. First up was Thavius Beck who i had never heard of before. he was hunched over his mixing board and sampler and whatever other electronic devices tweaking knobs and stuff. his music kinda part instrumental hiphop part electronica. he usually starts with a loop a few times it was a vocal loop that was jibberish or backwords. Then start dropping other sounds in and let it build. His hi hat usage was influenced by southern hiphop on some songs and one he featured a deep 808. It was good stuff but its a bunch of people watching someone standing over a sampler it would have been better if they could have had some video screen or something to watch while he played. When he finished he put all his gear back into his backpack and stepped off stage. While he was getting packed up various people started walking up to him and ask his questions or just say good job and he was friendly with everyone.