Our first live show in over 3 years! AUG 27th at the Black Cat in DC.

19 Ago 2011 | da

Hey guys and ladies,
When Pageninetynine asked us to join them on their 2nd reunion show, weren't exactly ready to play a show yet, especially one this big and badass, we were hoping to ease back into touring with a low key house show here, a VA hall there, to get our groove back. But ultimately we thought uh, its pg.99, and Thou. We have to make it happen.
So, fuckitletsrock!
We'll be unearthing some songs from our demo, a song or both from the split 7", some ATRU classic hits, and some new songs as well. If you can make it out, we'd love to see you. If you are one of the many traveling from far away lands, please be safe. We're very much looking forward to our first show back. Coincidentally, the last show we played was with Thou in New Orleans, Nov. 2007. The circle continues...

Beware of nostalgia! - Chris(pg99) and Drew(CTTS) in 2002

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