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Christopher Franke


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Born in Berlin, Germany on April 6, 1953, Christopher Franke studied classical music and composition at the Berlin Conservatory. During this time he was influenced by composers such as John Cage and Karl-Heinz Stockhausen and was actively involved in rock and jazz music with the group Agitation Free.
Along with his teacher, a Swiss avant-garde composer, Christopher set up a sound studio in a music school which became a haven for young musicians dedicated to experimental music. The improvisation courses they later conducted became known as The Berlin School of Electronic Music. Here Christopher met Edgar Froese and Peter Baumann, thus founding Tangerine Dream.

A 1930’s ballroom and cinema converted by Christopher into one of the most atmospheric recording studios in Berlin became the scene of many Tangerine Dream album and soundtrack recording sessions. Between 1970 and 1988, Christopher Franke with Tangerine Dream released 36 studio, live and soundtrack albums, seven of which became gold records. They composed the music for more than 30 American feature films including “Firestarter,” “Legend” and “Risky Business.”

Among the first to use electronic synthesizers, Christopher carved out his reputation as a pioneer of electronic music. Through innovative use of a sequencer as a percussion instrument, live concerts became ground breaking events. Tangerine Dream’s world tours brought them to the US, Japan, Australia and much of Eastern and Western Europe. Concert highlights included the Philharmonic in Berlin, the Royal Albert Hall in London, the Fisher Hall in New York and the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. Laser light shows and projected images were hallmarks of these concerts.


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