• Hip Hop Is Dead (2006) & Untitled (2008) + Related unreleased tracks

    Mag 11 2011, 19:29 di jensyao

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    After Nas' arrival on Def Jam, he immediately proceeded with making some of his more controversial concepts such as proclaiming that hip hop is dead and addressing racism with his untitled album. On HHID, Nas claimed that in order to carry on tradition, one must follow the styles and creativity from the golden age of hip hop instead of selling out just to make a profit from singles and not full albums. Also, Nas addressed that people were making a career too much from beefing and decided to respond to 50 Cent's "piggy bank" with a verse on a mixtape track called "Don't Body Yourself" f/ The Game. He didn't want so-called beef to build record sales for him nor his opponent. Also, Nas felt he knew why 50 was mad because 50 was supposed to be featured on Jennifer Lopez's single, but Nas took the place due to popularity and J. …