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  • Bitard671


    Febbraio 2014
  • Bitard671


    Febbraio 2014
  • poopyseed

    Two years around Christmastime I saw her at CityWalk and bought her CD. She's wonderful!

    Febbraio 2012
  • RayShaffer421

    this girl is great i would love to see her perform and i need to check out this TBS cover

    Agosto 2011
  • marcaro1803

    I love "I Stole Your Boots"!

    Giugno 2010
  • gasogaso16

    really fantastic!

    Dicembre 2009
  • PlasticParts

    i saw her yesterday she was very talented i bought both albums.

    Giugno 2009
  • the-foon

    also great: her cover of taking back sunday's "cute without the e"! just wonderful ...

    Febbraio 2009

    Chelsea has an amazing voice. I hadn't hear of her until I saw a video of her on SoCo Music Nights. I recommend it if you haven't watched. It made me a fan. She performs with Asia Whiteacre.

    Novembre 2008
  • buyalex

    I was walking with my sisters, dodging walking people and annoying street performers. That was, until me and one of my sisters stopped dead in our tracks and actually started listening to Chelsea. She's amazing, and I had to have her CD. I bought both. Wish I could have talked to her more, if only I had known that I'd like her music so much. Oh, and Eight Days is killer!

    Agosto 2008
  • WDCinLA

    Nice footage of Chelsea singing at the beginning and end of this video (so make sure you watch the whole thing :)

    Aprile 2008
  • t0bs3n

    she sings awesome

    Agosto 2007
  • maki

    She made my (last) day during my trip through California last september. Saw her performing the afternoon before heading back to Austria. Great version of Such great Heights

    Maggio 2007
  • hh2k

    too bad thats half around the world for me :)

    Gennaio 2007
  • MrDaniel

    i have the cd! she was on the street in Santa Monica and i got one from her and she is amazing.

    Dicembre 2006
  • hh2k

    Yea, found it on myspace too, I hope she makes a CD sometime, I like the music.

    Novembre 2006
  • MeWadadaU

    love her music. found it first on myspace. :)

    Agosto 2006