• Chinese Fossils Shed Light On Evolutionary Origin of Animals from Single-Cell…

    Dic 28 2011, 20:46 di Milkshake8

    Evidence of the single-celled ancestors of animals, dating from the interval in Earth's history just before multicellular animals appeared, has been discovered in 570 million-year-old rocks from South China by researchers from the University of Bristol, the Swedish Museum of Natural History, the Paul Scherrer Institut and the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences.
    570 million year old multicellular spore body undergoing vegetative nuclear and cell division (foreground) based on synchrotron x-ray tomographic microscopy of fossils recovered from rocks in South China. The background shows a cut surface through the rock - every grain (about 1 mm diameter) is an exceptionally preserved Gooey ball of dividing cells turned to Stone. (Credit: Image courtesy of University of Bristol)
    All Life Evolved from a single-celled universal common Ancestor, and at various times in Earth history, single-celled organisms threw their lot in with each other to become larger and multicellular
  • Playlist: Konzeptlos vom 12.06.2007

    Giu 13 2007, 11:10 di darkerradio

    Freibier für Alle!

    So dann das kurzfristige Motto der gestrigen Sendung. Nachdem ich dies ja vor einiger Zeit schonmal androhte, mal eine Sendung ausschliesslich mit frei im Netz herunterladbarer Musik zu gestalten, hab ich dieser Drohung nun die Sendung folgen lassen. Den Unterschied zu den Free Music Charts hab ich dann gestern auch recht ausführlich erläutert. Nur soviel hier noch dazu: Im Gegensatz zu CC-lizensierter Musik sind die meisten Stücke hier lediglich für den privaten Gebrauch frei. Verlinken auf die Downloads geht völlig in Ordnung, die Files aber selbst auf Webseiten oder in Tauschbörsen anbieten wiederum nicht. Einige Stücke haben wir auch exclusiv für darkerradio freigegeben bekommen - was nur zeigen soll, wer fragt, bekommt oft genug das Okay der Urheber.

    Hier also noch die Playlist, Links zu weiteren Infos und zu den Songs:

    01. Neon Zoo - Monster 05:14 (Info | MP3)
    02. darkerradio - Falk - Konzeptlos (und das ist hier Konzept) 01:06
  • Free song by Cell Division

    Dic 5 2006, 8:33 di dthprod

    Prelistening of the new album which is going to be released in spring 2007 starts now! Cell Division decided to offer the song Shut Up absolutely free, to download and share.

    This is a thank you to all the loyal fans and to all
    who will be fans soon! Feel free to download it, share it and enjoy. Cell Division are back in a new dimension!

    Song download: http://www.celldivision.ch/audio/celldivision_shutup.mp3
  • Female Fronted Metal bands

    Set 9 2006, 7:27 di Anne13

    I've started this again! From now on, I will try to keep up with your recommendations :).
    I made a list of metal bands with a clean female lead-singer.What there may be:
    -female clean vocals
    -male growls
    -male clean vocals
    -female growls
    What there may not be:
    -mostly female growls (so the biggest part should be clean female vocals)
    Of course, not all bands may be considered metal. However, I will decide whether I think something belongs on this list or not. This list is meant for anyone interested in the genre and some bands may be interesting to them. Like, for example, The Birthday Massacre. They're not metal, but it is interesting to those into ffmetal.

    Searching for bands to start with?
    For those of you that want to explore new genres or kinds, I made some bands bold. Those bands are rather good to start with. Also, you might want to check out the following compilation cd's:
    -Great Female Power
    -Into Temptation (The best of gothic rock)
    -Gothic Melancholy
    -Gothic Spirits