4 Set 2011 | da

Only one word for Scotland- amazing- I just loved everything about it and there was such powerful energy there, must be all those mountains. It feels like we've been away for ages, so it must have been good.
Every day we just walked and walked, through forests and heather-covered moors, up hills and mountains, besides mountain streams and lochs. I filled up my water bottle from one of those streams, it was the cleanest water I have ever tasted, cold as well. I ate  raspberries from the sides of pathways whilst gazing at swathes of wild flowers and saw toadstools the size of a hand. Even saw some red squirrels and the backsides of a herd of deer.
Despite suffering from a phobia of heights, I managed to walk over a huge dam wall, cross a river on a very wobbly suspension bridge (terrifying!), and climb up a very steep mountain, Ben Vrackie, it was so high, I couldn't bear to look down till I had reached the top safely.  I was brave and managed not to cry, not even once!
We discovered a tea shop where they blended all the teas themselves and served the most deliciously huge slices of cake, and there was nothing better than to come back knackered after walking and stop off there. Then when we got back to the hotel we would go and have a sauna and jacuzzi, for our aching muscles.
Lovely things to buy, tweeds, tartans, beautiful jewellery.
Would I go again? Deffo !!

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