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Burning Witch


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Burning Witch was an American doom metal band from Seattle, Washington in the mid to late 1990s. Members of the band were Edgy 59 (vocals), Stephen O’Malley (guitar), G. Stuart Dahlquist (bass), and Jamie Sykes (drums) who was later replaced by B.R.A.D.
After the demise of the doomdeath band Thorr’s Hammer in 1995, bandmates O’Malley, Sykes, and Greg Anderson teamed up with Dahlquist to create Burning Witch. Anderson soon left (starting Goatsnake), and Edgy 59 was added, finalizing the lineup.

The Steve Albini-recorded Towers… LP was released in 1996, followed by the departure of Sykes and his replacement by B.R.A.D. for the Rift. Canyon.Dreams LP. Crippled Lucifer, a compilation CD of the two LPs, was released soon after on Southern Lord Records. Burning Witch performed their last shows in the fall of 1998 after which Edgy 59 left for Sinisstar, O’Malley and Dahlquist reunited with Anderson to form Sunn O))), and Dahlquist joined Anderson in Goatsnake. Currently, O’Malley is in various projects including Sunn O))) and Dahlquist and B.R.A.D are in Asva.
Most of the music of Burning Witch is very slow and heavy with the drums slowly plodding along with the bass and guitar playing minimalist riffs. Emphasis usually put on spaces between notes, allowing the bass and guitar to resonate before proceeding to the next note. There are occasional bursts of feedback and noise from O’Malley which can be argued to be solos, but for the most part the guitar and bass follow each other.


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