• what's in your TOP TEN (pants)?

    Mar 9 2006, 15:30 di purplevelvet

    ok, i stole this from one of my friends here on last.fm (thank you alex for making me laugh so much!), but it is hilarious!

    the idea: you copy your top ten tracks and list them as what is in your pants (read it and you will understand!)

    now, you have been warned, the kind of music (and titles) i listen to are of a harsher nature and don't mince their words... (i absolve myself of any responsibility thereafter!)

    this is my top list of things i found in my pants

    01 Corpses Symphonyin my pants (talking about dead trousers???)

    02 Xfixiation (Remix by SITD)in my pants (they must be tight pants!)

    03 Delirio Asesino in my pants (what's an assassin doing in my pants?)

    04 The Source Mix in my pants (hmmm strange one)

    05 Lucid in my pants (that's great to hear, but where did the rest of my clothes go?)

    06 In This Together in my pants (how reassuring!)

    07 Dead or Alive in my pants (oh, make up your mind!)

    08 Sick Fuck in my pants (not quite so reassuring!)

    Ott 26 2005, 14:02 di purplevelvet

    Bullet for My Valentine -

    Live Gig at Nottingham Rock City 25 Oct 2005 (sold out!)

    i have been wanting to see this band for absolute ages, ever since i first heard Hand of Blood which is one of their best songs! Unfortunately i missed them play locally, so had to wait for this latest tour to catch them!

    there were two support bands:

    Scary Kids Scaring Kids - didn't see

    Candiria - these were doing their best to trying to get the audience to jump around and actively encouraged crowd surfing (the security guys handled this very well!). i don't feel i can really comment too much on their music, as this was the first time i heard them, but they weren't bad live!

    the tension was definitely rising, shouts of bullet!, bullet! came from the die-hard fans, then finally the intro started and when the band came on stage and started to play, absolutely everybody at the centre started jumping about! over the next hour they played both the latest and some of their older songs, they played really well live (not every band does!)…