• Los 33 albumes más escuchados en el 2009

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  • 10 Best Albums of 2006

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    What a year it has been. According to my very unscientific method, 2006 was the best year for new music in history. Why is that, you ask? Well, my iPod has 451 songs from 2006 on it, more than any other year. (By comparison, 1973 only has 158)

    So lets remember the highlights of 2006
    In true countdown fashion, I'm going from bottom to top. I would have an honourable mentions, but I only did get about 25 albums this year.
    Number 10
    Billy Talent II
    Good catchy punk/metal band from Canada. Possibly the most emo band I listen to.

    Number 9
    In My Mind
    Delayed many times, so really, it should have been in my top albums of 2005. To be honest, it was a little dissapointing. Not as good as either of NERD's album (which were great), however it's still good enough to be the 9th best album of this year.

    Number 8
    Afro Strut
    Very cool soul/funk album, by a very underrated artist, who I had tickets to see this year, but the gig was cancelled after some guy got shot in the head, in the venue the night before. Well, maybe next year.
  • My Top Music Of 2006

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    It has been too long since my last post so I thought I would accelerate the publishing of my yearly music list. This past year was a fun year for music and had us taking full advantage of the concerts in the Los Angeles area. The only disappointment is the big shows are very difficult to get good seats to, and if you wait too long for that club show it will probably sell out. Lessons learned the hard way. And for all of those asking why haven't I posted, unfortunately I don't have a good answer but you are in store for a long read this time out!

    Feel free to comment on music or concert finds you had this year.

    Top CD Purchases
    Jack's Mannequin - Everything in Transit
    I bought this after many ads in LA Weekly prompted me to check it out at a Tower (RIP) listening station. I did not know the back story, the circumstances, or who even played on the CD, but it was good catchy pop music with a heavy piano focus. As a bonus when I was reading the liner notes I found out Tommy Lee (Motley…