• Weekly top artist babbling

    Feb 21 2006, 21:59 di JLSigman

    Blatantly stolen from a recommended journal entry. ;-) I am nothing but shameless.

    Weird week, music-wise. http://gh.ffshrine.org/ <- Downloaded about half a gig of music from here, anime and game music. Just saw some major updates there, so I'm sure I'll be doing that again next weekend. ;-)

    1) Chikayo Fukuda, Seizo Nakata, Norikatsu Fukuda
    Did the soundtrack for .hack (the game). Not sure why #3 came out as something else entirely, but who am I to question the almight MusicBrainz tagger? :-p

    2) Yoko Kanno
    I downloaded a ton of Cowboy Bebop, and some Ghost in the Shell. She is probably my #2 favorite composer in the world.

    3) BooHooWoo
    The alternate name for the artists at #1, I guess. The soundtrack for .hack is quite good, I ended up keeping most of it.

    4) Linkin Park
    My co-worker had a ton of their music on his work hard drive, so I copied it. ;-) While most of Meteora isn't good, Reanimation is.

    5) Nobuo Uematsu