• Mixe Du Mois - Avril 2009

    Apr 19 2009, 1:51 di jurlacher

    J'ai voulu créer une mixe composé de chansons Français depuis longtemps, mais j'avais jamais assez de pistes. Avec l'aide d'un recent periode de "free leech" sure Waffles, ce n'est plus le cas! J'ai accueli beacoup d'albums Francophones, la plupart qui viennent de Quebec, mais un peu de France aussi. En plus, j'ai utilisé des pistes par des artistes Anglophones qui one decidé de chanter en Francais pour quelque raison.

    J'espère que vous aimez ces chansons. Joyeux ecoutage!


    1. Stars - Sad Robot
    2. Montag - Alice
    3. Tricot machine - Pas Fait En Chocolat
    4. Les Trois Accords - St-Cyrille-De-Wendover
    5. Karkwa - Oublie Pas
    6. Beirut - Le Moribond
    7. Alcest - Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde
    8. Malajube - Casablanca
    9. Bonjour Brumaire - Fantômes
    10. L'indice - Ton Coeur Aujourd'hui
    11. Le Husky - Dans L'bois
    12. The Stills - Retour A Vega
    13. Jacquemort - Coeur Saignant
  • South by Southwest Sojourn

    Apr 3 2009, 1:53 di regretandramen

    Wednesday marked the beginning of . And on a spur of the moment, I decided I would be attending this year. I never had, and always wanted to; now I can fittingly say that I participated, and know from experience. I had no wristband - gospel in Austin, that week - and thus couldn't attend many shows. I scheduled the free shows throughout the capitol of my favourite artists, and set forth! Thursday, I arrived after the shorter-than-expected drive. I was worried about finding parking, but stumbled across a nearly empty parking lot in five minutes. Two miles of walking away was the Red House Pizzeria, whom held free shows all day; on this day, mostly bands from the UK were being featured. As I chomped through a delicious, fresh pizza, I accidentally got to see Slow Club - they were wonderful! - the new Mates of State. My intention was to witness the wonders of Fanfarlo though, before they returned to the UK themselves for an unknown period. …