One Little Indian Records
Data di pubblicazione
10 Ott 2011
Numero di brani
10 brani


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    Brano     Durata Ascoltatori
1 Moon 5:40 105.506
2 Thunderbolt 5:15 92.111
3 Crystalline 5:08 131.435
4 Cosmogony 5:00 92.329
5 Dark Matter 3:22 78.622
6 Hollow 5:49 72.073
7 Virus 5:19 79.855
8 Sacrifice 4:02 68.438
9 Mutual Core 5:06 73.332
10 Solstice 4:41 63.615

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  • Qhalo

    I love this album so much, means a lot to me.

    5 Lug 4:57 Rispondi
  • optimistic_tour

    "most of them are so weak and unoriginal for björk. they remind me a lot of her previous releases." <--- this is pretty funny. So why are you a fan if she's always been weak and unoriginal? :D

    9 Giu 0:45 Rispondi
  • NiniusNunius

    The cover is so beautiful it makes me want to listen to this album xD GG björkkis

    13 Feb 23:24 Rispondi
  • Actually_GIOS

    I think this is actually better than Medúlla and Volta. Biophilia it's an epic trip trough the universe, I just love it.

    7 Feb 2:39 Rispondi
  • slavi_mitov

    Björk's best album. I love it so much! [2]

    1 Feb 21:28 Rispondi
  • Harkonnenka

    Björk's best album. I love it so much!

    8 Gen 18:35 Rispondi
  • Sharp-Ton

    An Unidentified Flying Object.

    28 Dic 2013 Rispondi
  • Guiokk

    "Dark matter" for meditation

    21 Dic 2013 Rispondi
  • Eihwaz0

    This album is incredible! I love how it manages to sound simultaneously ancient and futuristic. It reminds me both of 2001: A Space Odyssey and for some reason, the Legend of Zelda: the Windwaker soundtrack...

    18 Nov 2013 Rispondi
  • scarymonsters_

    Simply flawless

    11 Nov 2013 Rispondi
  • japanesey

    Idk why some of you are saying this album is boring, I think it's one of her most interesting...

    1 Nov 2013 Rispondi
  • bleachgeek4973

    Not seeing eye to eye with this musically predictable talk.

    18 Ott 2013 Rispondi
  • cobrizo

    @oopstheuniverse: u r so right. the biophilia project deserved better songs, most of them are so weak and unoriginal for björk. they remind me a lot of her previous releases. she became musically predictable

    17 Ott 2013 Rispondi
  • kissesneverdie

    @oopstheuniverse: I have yet to listen to the album (will listen to it soon), but I will say that even if it's bad, at least she did something new and different. Now, whether it's good or not anyone can say, but the concept is interesting enough. it's a sign of the times -- we're moving forward, gentlemen!

    13 Ott 2013 Rispondi
  • kissesneverdie

    @handcutter: anyone can be a music critic. just look at rolling stone & pitchfork.

    13 Ott 2013 Rispondi
  • deadgrandma

    Sounds like Bjork to me. Still dig it.

    19 Ago 2013 Rispondi
  • handcuter

    @oopstheuniverse: If you don't like that is ok to me, but please, don't be arrogant and make conclusion that we are all selfmanipulated because we were caught by "the flue of innovation"! You're not a music critic, still less that you're a psychologist.

    17 Ago 2013 Rispondi
  • arturovito

    Who cares about the apps and innovation? It's a lovely record. Bjork can't be stopped.

    14 Ago 2013 Rispondi
  • petrolatum

    What the fuck, oopstheuniverse? [2]

    12 Ago 2013 Rispondi
  • LuliusCaesar

    Desde entonces, no me ha aburido. Genialidad.

    9 Ago 2013 Rispondi
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