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It’s a curious anomaly of the modern music scene that by the time artists get round to releasing their fourth albums, the majority of musicians are creatively spent.

Today, bands arrive fully formed, in a blizzard of frenzied hype. Their first work is heralded as a masterpiece, as, possibly, is their second, and, in the main, their resultant albums are subject to the law of diminishing returns.

Mercifully, that is not the case with Bent. Their stunning fourth album, Intercept!, is the sound of a band hitting top form. After seven years sculpting some of the most interesting music on the electronic/dance/ambient/house/call-it-what-you-bleedin’-like scene, Nail Tolliday and Simon Mills’ (the duo for whom Bent would seem to be a way of life) new album fizzes with a joyful dynamism, that while hinted at on their previous three albums (Programmed To Love, 2000; The Everlasting Blink, 2002; Ariels, 2004), has finally found its optimum expression. In short, it sounds like a band reborn.

“We just felt it was time to go down a new path,” Simon, he of the colourful hairstyles, explains. “We’ve not had a record company trying to guide us, so I feel like we’ve been a bit more in control of our output. So, yes, it does sound like a band reborn in some ways, but I still think it sounds Bent. It’s ‘Now That’s What I Call Bent, Vol 4’.”

Nail concurs: “Since we parted company with our old label we’ve felt as if we were almost starting again a bit, so even though it’s a bit scary, it’s quite exciting too.”


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