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  • ajablagargala

    I've given this album a few chances, and other than Seymour Stein and the title track, I'm just not feeling it. I see that a lot of people like this album so It's kind of a shame that I don't

    Gennaio 2015
  • Elenlille

    Happy birthday! :)

    Settembre 2014
  • mindbattery

    Of course If You're Feeling Sinister is my favourite, but this album will always seem as perfect to me because of tracks 3, 4, 5 and 12. Those songs blow my mind

    Ottobre 2013
  • cubbies4e

    Yeah, it was a .8 (.8!) So absurd. When it gets reissued I'm sure it'll get around a 9 because its great. Half of the songs on the album are classics.

    Luglio 2013
  • Nessyliz

    I remember back in the day when Pitchfork gave this a super low score! It was so stupid. I love this record.

    Febbraio 2013
  • TheBeasley

    "I think Belle and Sebastian is a serious contender for the band with the most consistant discography." Agreed.

    Dicembre 2012
  • LizandraBr

    Bowwww!! Howww

    Luglio 2012
  • foundtheirhome

    Very close with Sinister....but, my favorite B&S album.

    Giugno 2012
  • stranging

    some songs are flawless (my favourite b&s songs), some are shit; but its still a pretty solid album.

    Maggio 2012
  • bubba_ch

    ...well done hipsters. [3] If anyones interested, as mentioned earlier, it's not on the website anymore, but there's still the waybackmachine.

    Febbraio 2012
  • matt1337c

    Pleasant, but not nearly as strong melodically or lyrically compared to If You're Feeling Sinister or Tigermilk.

    Febbraio 2012
  • Kleber01z

    love this álbum cover

    Dicembre 2011
  • bongrouge

    I'm not sure if Sleep the Clock Around or A Summer Wasting is the best song.

    Settembre 2011
  • Ztarven

    Sleep the Clock Around is the only song that really stood out to me, but the album as a whole is wonderful. I think Belle and Sebastian is a serious contender for the band with the most consistant discography.

    Agosto 2011
  • audiot

    I think this is their best.

    Luglio 2011
  • kelspooky

    Perfect in so many ways!

    Giugno 2011
  • kbc246

    i think it's better than sinister. it's perfectly imperfect, and the highs are higher. such a joy to listen to. it will alway be one of my favorites.

    Marzo 2011
  • Modestmilk

    I actually really enjoy this.

    Febbraio 2011
  • Modestmilk

    ......well done hipsters. [2]

    Febbraio 2011
  • Atmosphere-it

    they did? it isn't on the website.

    Gennaio 2011
  • babbyDOTjpg

    0.8? Goddamn

    Dicembre 2010
  • James-Sandri

    Wait, Pitchfork gave this "0.8" and Kanye's new album a "10.0"......well done hipsters.

    Dicembre 2010
  • meister333

    one of their best. deal with it

    Novembre 2010
  • Plaumtothashizz

    what an incredibly dumb comment.

    Novembre 2010
  • meister333

    by far their worst album? LMFAO. not even close.

    Settembre 2010
  • sabrinahayworth

    This is a very sweet album. I like it.

    Settembre 2010
  • Austintayeshus

    Also: Pitchfork has now deleted their review of the album. Good for them. Poseurs.

    Settembre 2010
  • Austintayeshus

    Best album.

    Settembre 2010
  • KingHeff

    lol @adamzZz, are you trying to make people laugh at you? you're pathetic

    Settembre 2010
  • egotripping44

    @adamzZz I hope you learnt a valuable lesson. Never, EVER listen to Pitchfork

    Agosto 2010
  • timahall

    Been my favourite since around the time it came out. It's sad to say but I don't think they'll ever surpass it. It's perfect.

    Agosto 2010
  • sookie611

    color my life with the chaos of trouble

    Giugno 2010
  • lemonyfisher

    @TheResurection and @RounderII too : /

    Giugno 2010
  • acalltoapathy

    A (large) part of the reason why I can't take Pitchfork seriously is because of the complete wank job of a rating they gave this utterly gorgeous album.

    Maggio 2010
  • meister333

    Sinister > Arab Strap = Tigermilk. [2]

    Aprile 2010
  • LikeDylan88 I had to see that to believe it. 0.8/10?? That's awful. This is my favorite album of all time. From Brilliant Career all the way through to Rollercoaster Ride you get clever, relaxing, melancholy music by one of the best indie pop acts of all time. I'm on Chickfactor right now...haven't listened to this for a couple months, just makes it sound all the sweeter...

    Aprile 2010
  • reklamation

    gotta admit, it was the last album of theirs i got's kind of a rule though, that the best things are never the easiest ;) what i wanted to say is that if i had to choose one album only from everything ever recorded, it would be it! this album saved me countless number of times. thank you belles!

    Marzo 2010
  • RounderII

    yeah me too, TheResurection.... @_@

    Febbraio 2010
  • TheResurection

    I just found out what an arab strap is....

    Gennaio 2010
  • bernhl87

    I decided that I should include this album in my next-purchase-on-vinyl list

    Gennaio 2010
  • Craigsly

    Sinister > Arab Strap = Tigermilk.

    Gennaio 2010
  • damnruckus

    pitchfork gave this a 0.8/10. wtf

    Novembre 2009
  • juloel

    I could be listening this album for many years... it's an amazing outburst exultation!!

    Agosto 2009

    Julian_pa: haha word

    Agosto 2009
  • editwikipedia


    Luglio 2009
  • plothead31

    one of their best, hands down. sleep the clock around was the first B&S song I ever heard and it was amazing and still is amazing every time I listen to it.

    Giugno 2009
  • HendrixFan42

    great album

    Giugno 2009
  • jameslock

    one day i will write a novel about how this is the best belle and sebastian album and that the rest of you are just completely delusional.

    Maggio 2009
  • audio_cl

    when you start gettin into b&s you find the magic that this album holds, but at first view is easier to let yourself go by the instant pop effect of their last 2 or 3 albums... not my fav but actually love how this album starts and ends (and i am talking of it's first 5 and last 4 tracks, almost the entire disc).

    Maggio 2009
  • artsongist

    I fecking love this album, and everything else by B&S! A soundtrack for the broken hearted.

    Febbraio 2009