• Recommendation #34 [Skream - Watch The Ride]

    Set 17 2008, 20:47 di ofLogic

    Skream - Watch The Ride


    Skream is one of the dubstep scene's most revered producer/DJs. Both in the studio and in the club he has been a fresh-faced and forward thinking pivot of a genre that has been sneaking up behind the mainstream for the past two years. Skream, also known as Ollie Jones, has been responsible for some of the hardest and darkest anthems including his classic Midnight Request Line, recently revamped by Hot Chip and fidget-house king Switch. He is also one of the most prolific producers out there with a rumoured 1,500 as yet unheard tunes stashed away in his studio bunker.

    If you are already a fan of dubstep then this is a must-have for the sheer volume of new material and exclusives. Those new to the genre and curious to see why a dubstep artist is in line for a Mercury Music Prize may want to look elsewhere for their first fix. This is dark and unrelenting music aimed straight at the dance floor with highlights including Skream's the Shining…