Avenue D was a female electroclash duo from Miami, Florida, based out of New York City and consisting of Debbie and Daphne D. The band are proteges of Larry Tee, and perform for his parties.[1] Their music is an energetic, humorous and sexually-explicit mix of rap, electro and new wave.[2] They began in 2001, as part of New York’s electroclash movement, which also included artists like Fischerspooner, ADULT. and Felix Da Housecat. In 2005, they scored a moderate hit with “Do I Look Like a Slut?” on the Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales, [3]. The same year, their song “Orgasmatron” was featured prominently in Eon McKai’s alt-porn film Neu Wave Hookers. The band is also socially active, having played rallies and benefits for causes such as gay marriage.
They have released three albums independently on their own label, Avenue Dreams. Despite this method of production and distribution they have still managed to sell approximately 50,000 records worldwide.[citation needed] In 2004, they collaborated on Boy George’s electroclash project, The Twin, by appearing on his CD, Yum Yum, on the track “Fire-Desire”’. A Mash-Up of their “Do I Look Like A Slut” with The Twin’s “Here Come The Girls” was also made but remains unreleased.
The pair has performed at clubs and parties in Australia, Japan, Europe, Brazil, Mexico, Serbia, and all across the United States.
On June 15, 2007, three Avenue D albums, Bootleg, Eurawesome, and As Free As We Wanna Be, were released for purchase on iTunes.
On November 19th 2007, Debbie and Daphne announced on their website that they are breaking up the band. They made two last shows in December and released some rare stuff on their site and on iTunes in the following months.

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