• Musical epiphanies

    Dic 7 2006, 18:40 di evktalo

    Sometimes the music you're listening to really fits into your situation. It becomes impossible to separate the music from how you are feeling. A "soundtrack moment" - this is your life and this is how it sounds.

    I've had a few musical epiphanies. Some recent that I can recall: this summer, a sunny day, trying out the new cheap portable CD player, old bicycle, just setting out to town and Dark Side of the Moon in the player, the intro and first bars of Breathe uncannily crystallizing the moment like a soundtrack to life. Or feeling particularly worn out by all the remorselessnes of being a teenager, putting on Six and it's somehow all there, all those layers of processed electric guitar is exactly how I feel.

    Today the stress of the day, the busy corridors of the university, sitting down with my laptop, working was perfectly accompanied Paintings #1 For Antoni Gaudí. The clouds above my head were if not dispersed, then shown to me for what they were and I could see them as they were. …