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Ars Nova is a Japanese progressive rock band. The current members are: Keiko Kumagai (keyboards) Shinko "Panky" Shibata (bass) Hazime (drums) Satoshi Handa (guitar) Ars Nova's music features tends to feature keyboards heavily -- this was particularly true between 1998 and 2003 when the band had two keyboardists. Common sounds include the ubiquitous Hammond organ, as well as more recent digital sounds. Almost all of their music is instrumental. The band's musical influences are ELP, Goblin, PFM, Rick Wakeman, Balletto di Bronzo and classical music. Keiko Kumagai, the keyboardist, writes all the band's compositions. She has played on the Ayreon album Universal Migrator part two: Flight of the Migrator. This band has been for a long time an all-female band, a seldom case in the world of progressive rock.