It’s a one man band formed by Gianluca Divirgilio, Italian musician and author. The first song, “Eight Years Old”, is composed in June, 2006.
In the same year Gianluca composed other instrumental tracks, and he sings in two new songs (“Coldream” and “On a Sad Sunny Day”); He released part of these raw songs on Myspace ( and in March 2007, still without a label, he decides to record a promo cd in Emerald Recordings Studio ( in Rome, with his friend Fabio Fraschini (Electric bass, previous session man for the historic band “Novembre”), Cesare Petulicchio on drum (Bud Spencer Blues Explosion) and Luigi Colasanti Antonelli (Sound Engineer).
Gianluca send the promo to the attention of few European labels and some months later, March 13, 2008, he signed a contract for five albums with the excellent Label Prophecy Productions.

The first album is called “On a Sad Sunny Day”, it contains 11 songs plus one ghost track and it is released on June 12, 2009 in digipack cd, with beautiful illustrations of talented friend Fursy Teyssier.

The author describes his music as “Music Explicitly Dreamed”.

- On A Sad Sunny Day (full-length, 2009)
- Les Discrets / Arctic Plateau (split EP with Les Discrets, 2011)
- The Enemy Inside (full-length, 2012)

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