Anna Christine Nalick (Glendora, 30 marzo 1984) è una cantautrice statunitense… L’album di debutto, Wreck of the Day, contenente il suo primo successo, “Breathe”, è stato pubblicato il 19 aprile 2005. L’album è stato usato nella serie Joan of Arcadia.
La canzone Breathe è la colonna sonora della puntata Codice Nero: Presentimento - Parte II 02x17 del telefilm Grey’s Anatomy.

Anna Nalick first broke onto the music scene in April of 2005 with the release of her debut album Wreck of the Day. Featuring heartfelt lyrics and haunting melodies, Wreck of the Day showcased Anna as a passionate and honest songwriter. The album entered the Billboard 200 chart at #20 and has since been RIAA certified gold and sold more than 750,000 copies.

Undoubtedly, the breakout song from Wreck of the Day was “Breathe (2AM)”. The smash single has sold nearly 2 million copies to date and was featured prominently on the hit television series, “Joan of Arcadia.” After topping the charts, the song received new life and popularity when it was featured on ABC’s primetime hit “Grey’s Anatomy” in February 2006. Anna was awarded ASCAP’s most performed song in 2005-2006 award for “Breathe (2 AM).” The song still garners more than 200 radio spins a week…three years after its release!

Anna found her love for music in the 5th grade when she began re-writing popular song lyrics and combining them with her own melodies. She grew up with the strong musical influences of her family. Two of her grandparents performed on Broadway and parents exposed her to a diverse range of artists from Elvis to Led Zeppelin. In addition to her family, Anna credits Billie Holiday, Jeff Buckley, U2, John Mayer and Fiona Apple as a few of her many major musical influences and inspirations.
Anna developed her musical ambitions in high school and college by performing in cover bands and taking opportunities to showcase her own material. A chance meeting with a professor in college proved to be Anna’s big break. The professor passed along a lo-fi home-recorded demo to some friends and it eventually wound up in the hands of Christopher Thorn and Brad Smith. Thorn and Smith founded the band Blind Melon and were operating as a production team at the time. The duo was impressed by the recording and agreed to help Anna record a master demo. Anna then played the recording for several record companies and was signed by SonyBMG in 2003.

Anna is recording the follow-up to her hit 2005 debut. The album is tentatively set to be released in the summer of 2008, and first single “Shine” will hit radio in early March. Anna describes the song “Shine” as, “a song FOR those people who have made mistakes in a public way, FOR people whose mistakes and heartbreak are considered entertainment.” Nalick adds, “Shine is also saying that little girls, like your daughters and sisters or you, don’t have to throw up to be pretty, be sleazy to be loved, or be crazy to get attention. Just because the BAD things are what people pay money for doesn’t mean that those things are ALL of what your favorite movie and music stars are.”

The Shine EP, currently available on iTunes, features the new single, acoustic renditions of previous singles, and an exclusive acoustic cover of the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Breaking The Girl.” Wise beyond her 24 years, Anna is a unique addition to the music scene. Her talent, individuality, and empowered feminine perspective are sure to be showcased on her eagerly anticipated 2008 album, Shine.

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