Andy first picked up the guitar when he was 12 years old and from that day fourth has never looked back. Early influences included Guns n Roses, Extreme, Queen, Van halen and Joe Satriani. “From the first time I heard ‘’Surfing With The Alien’’ I knew I wanted to shred, it just sounded so fun and cool to do”.

Andy decided to further his musical knowledge and attended the College of West Anglia to study a National Diploma in music buisiness, performance and music technology. It was there he formed the backbone of his current band Fallen Ikarus with vocalist Sam Linay.

Then Andy went to the critically acclaimed Guitar Institute London to further his playing and also study music theory. His influences bacame more honed in towards players like Tony Macalpine, Paul Gilbert and Greg Howe. It was there that Andy was afforded the oppurtunity to play on stage with Vinnie Moore, “Great playin dude, you have an awesome technique”.

In 2004 Andy entered into the Birmingham Guitar Hero competition which was a national guitar event and was judged as the overall winner out of many other musians that entered from around the country. It was a good catalyst for Andy to perform material from his debut solo album release “Machine”. The event was sponsored by ErnieBall guitars, published in Total Guitar and in Guitar Buyer Magazine and was also filmed by the Sky network channel “The Musicians Channel”.

In 2005, Andy entered a competition for Radio 1 to meet and jam with the legendary Zakk Wylde, the fiery axeman for none other than Ozzy Osbourne. Entrants had to submit a minutes work of their best guitar effort and send it in and Andy’’s was picked as the winner. Not only did he get to jam with Zakk Wylde, Radio 1 also played Andy’’s music on the Radio 1 rockshow live on air.

Andy is currently in the band Fallen Ikarus and gigs extensively in the Norwich and Norfolk area. Gig dates are posted on the official Fallen Ikarus website at

To check out Andy’’s music from his debut release, just click on the audio section of the site and download the clips. If you want to purchase the album go to

Andys uses

Peavey amps
ESP guitars
EMG pick ups
T.C electronics

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