• Daniele Liverani and his rock opera - Genius!

    Mag 10 2008, 17:27 di The_Thomas

    As I once said: everyone knows Avantasia and Ayreon, many knows Aina, but no one knows Genius. This is the place to talk about that definitely interesting project.

    Well, who listened to Avantasia knows that this is only concept album (Tobias Sammet admit it too) with a lot of guest musicians. Opera is only part of name. Plot is only something to keep it running.

    Daniele Liverani's Genius is different. Lyrics are based on dialogs between characters. Author wanted to make it as close to 'normal' opera as it is possible. There is things like arias, recitatives, choirs, castratos (:D, ya know, sometimes power metal vocals sounds a little 'girlish' :P) and others. I'm not the one who can talk about operas. I wrote this journal only to enlighten a little last.fm people. :P

    Story is simple (but better than Aina...). It's about boy Genius (on first two CD's pictured by Mark Boals [Yngwie J. Malmsteen], on last one by Dc Cooper [Royal Hunt, Silent Force]) who by mistake entered world of dreams and messed it a lot. …