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  • doorkeaper

    I are dead, i mean....suddenly you appear with a child and a husband......But you were a gay girl one i right?...I think i am dead too...but you were my resurrection and you still.....i am gonna tell you a little story.....i was 21 years old and you appear on the radio and I wake up....Now I am dying....what is going to happend in this world if every example in life die?....memory?.....feelings....that word that sence....feeling........not only voices in our head....I miss that time when I was alive listening to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mese scorso
  • smoothwoman

    I'm feeling this one....."You Learn" to enjoy good music

    Gennaio 2015
  • supermediadave

    Big album for a big talent.

    Dicembre 2014
  • pogopatterson

    Lovely surprise- still brilliant.

    Novembre 2014
  • Sarinijha

    Novembre 2014
  • DeathByPOGs

    THROWBACK! yeah I can't actually get through this song though.

    Luglio 2014
  • Britch2

    what a jagged little pill [2]

    Aprile 2014
  • ShakiFanatic

    what a jagged little pill

    Aprile 2014
  • RuhFernandes

    ...Senão a minha preferida <3

    Marzo 2014
  • wylloliveira

    lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ♥

    Marzo 2014
  • joshsaussey

    Another powerful song, from what is such a classic album that stands the test of time so far.

    Gennaio 2014
  • LekuBauer

    Q 2014 seja muito melhor <3

    Gennaio 2014
  • idoubledare

    her voice is perfect in this song :3

    Ottobre 2013
  • princeelaurent

    Agosto 2013
  • vesituli

    Every time that first beat in the very beginning of this song plays, I'm in heaven.

    Giugno 2013
  • tresfoufou

    You live, you learn.

    Giugno 2013
  • niqart

    Most powerful lyrics. Fabulous ANTHEM song!

    Aprile 2013
  • Rock_n_Robin

    Alanis doesn't have the prototypical beautiful voice, but it's distinctive and easy on the ears. This's iconic...who doesn't like it? But sadly, some don't seem to learn.

    Marzo 2013
  • userabc123

    one of the few I like by her

    Febbraio 2013
  • drownd_in_sound

    one of life's hardest and most important lessons

    Febbraio 2013
  • lovesoundd

    Febbraio 2013
  • bicknor

    What the lyrics say is that as one goes through life one lives and learns, assuming the person is reasonably intelligent. Hardly profound and no more than an obvious insight into psyche...............

    Dicembre 2012
  • flickothewrist

    Fabulous song from a remarkable album, incredible lyric content, amazing insight into the human psyche, a mark of genius

    Ottobre 2012
  • bruno__alves

    You live, you learn, You love, you learn, You cry, you learn, You lose, you learn, You bleed, you learn, You scream, you learn <3

    Ottobre 2012
  • PrincessHiller


    Settembre 2012
  • prizuca

    My favorite song. <3

    Settembre 2012
  • DonkeyHotai

    I took your advice, Alanis - I now walk around naked in my living room ... kitchen ... out in the back yard. Thank you for the liberating thought!

    Luglio 2012
  • evilmoti

    Absolutely digging this song at the moment <3

    Luglio 2012
  • floresju


    Marzo 2012
  • indie-n

    Joey Gladstone was only lucky mother

    Marzo 2012
  • pharmman52

    in my top ten albums of all time

    Marzo 2012
  • malcarada

    She's good.

    Febbraio 2012
  • x4errybomb

    мечта моего детства - записать хотя бы кусочек этой песенки на кассету *-*

    Novembre 2011
  • vanilla_boy1

    it's ok

    Novembre 2011
  • gungh0


    Agosto 2011
  • PattySauce

    Love Alanis!

    Agosto 2011
  • mike762011

    I love this song

    Agosto 2011
  • FelipeCostaG


    Giugno 2011
  • cinnamondearie

    you live you learn, you love you learn, you cry you learn...

    Aprile 2011
  • tenorsaxmasta

    "and i recomend walkin' round naked in your living ro-o-om."

    Gennaio 2011
  • dandymark

    Great song! Love it!!

    Gennaio 2011
  • shukalata

    everyday we learn..just learn to live with it.. because lifes like that!!

    Gennaio 2011
  • IreneAdler87

    feel free.. it's all about

    Gennaio 2011
  • javmn

    whenever I am mad about a relationship....I listen to her....she makes me strong

    Gennaio 2011
  • davidbowiegirl

    Good song.

    Dicembre 2010
  • miketallicax

    i used to listen to this in 4th grade lol

    Novembre 2010
  • joegjoeg


    Ottobre 2010
  • Song_Lyric_Boy

    Superb lyrics -

    Ottobre 2010
  • jcaulk215

    Why was this album SO MUCH better than her others?

    Settembre 2010
  • Arcangel808

    Right On!! Remember this one .......

    Settembre 2010