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Akron/Family è una band sperimentale con influenze folk-rock formatasi nel 2002.

I membri della band sono Dana janssen (batterista), Seth Olinsky (cantante/chitarrista), Miles Seaton (bassista), ma i ruoli sono intercambiabili, come dimostrano i loro spettacoli dal vivo.


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  • koolsamarkand


    9 Apr 4:38 Rispondi
  • wakaplot

    i got a especially love to Love Is Simple. but i love all of then, the projects, the remix albuns... i want to see then alive soon...

    16 Feb 21:09 Rispondi
  • AndrzFAL

    Their debut album is god-tier

    13 Gen 19:44 Rispondi
  • rgurney

    I have two tickets for the London show on 18th July, but I can't make it. Would anyone like to take both of them off my hands at face value - £11.50 each?

    4 Giu 2013 Rispondi
  • raffy_rillo

    Fantastic new record.

    13 Mag 2013 Rispondi
  • itsmysandwich

    The new album is fantastic. This band gets better with each release.

    5 Mag 2013 Rispondi
  • tylerstravis

    Missed you guys!

    1 Mag 2013 Rispondi
  • sacason

    Sub Verses is totally working for me

    25 Apr 2013 Rispondi

    Sub Verses has some neat artwork.

    9 Apr 2013 Rispondi
  • ryozombaku

    sub verses 10/10

    5 Apr 2013 Rispondi
  • henri-Q

    I'm also loving Sub Verses a lot

    21 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • Vianouzz

    Really realy digging it too

    20 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • clearwaterlab

    sorry ya think that foetus, I am really really digging it.

    20 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • justfetus

    new album is disappointing, but what could you expect?

    20 Mar 2013 Rispondi
  • Blvd_Nights

    also judging from hayzozo's charts, it's not like he's into this stuff anyway.

    5 Feb 2013 Rispondi
  • Blvd_Nights

    I saw them too in 2011, they were good for the most part but went on the verge of self parody at times. Not a bad show by any means (I've seen ten times worse) but I know a lot of people who saw them same show I did were not too impressed. Anyone heard the new album yet?

    5 Feb 2013 Rispondi
  • clubanddeform


    1 Feb 2013 Rispondi
  • justfetus

    yeah, I've been to 200+ shows and they were definitely memorable. Even with only 3 people (I wish I had seen them when they still had like 19 members)

    26 Gen 2013 Rispondi
  • zombiesaresmart

    The announcement of the new album made my day <3

    25 Gen 2013 Rispondi
  • ShoesMcCoat

    I've seen them in a packed house and with maybe 20 people at the venue and each time they played their hearts out. Ya'll are some crazy fools if you think they're horrible live. (coughcoughhayzozocoughcough)

    11 Nov 2012 Rispondi
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