• Kamelot, 28th March 2010, with Leaves' Eyes and Adagio

    Mar 30 2010, 15:11 di Oshunai

    Well its now a couple of days after the perfection that was Sun 28 Mar – Kamelot, Leaves' Eyes, Adagio and now my neck has stopped hurting and my voice has started to come back it's time to put my review hat on. Not going to lie, this review is going to be hugely positive, as I really really enjoyed myself at the best gig of 2010 so far for me.

    For some reason for the last couple of years Kamelot always seem to turn up in London on the 27th-29th of March weekend, and just like last year's excellent event with Dream Evil and Amberian Dawn I decided to attend. In any case, I have to admit I was hugely excited even before I reached the queue for the Koko, a fantastic venue in good old Camden Town. Anyway, got in, got a tshirt and so began the gig..

    First up we had Adagio, who I'd seen before and had been disapointed at. The sound quality was abit of a hash, the guitars and vocals were fairly inaudible but all the same they gave a credible performance, and a far superior one to last time. …
  • Best 2009 Releases

    Feb 24 2010, 23:11 di Harry24

    Best 2009 Releases
    (aka My 35 favourite albums released last year)

    Well 2009 is gone (and january and fabruary) and I consider that there were lots of good stuff released, and well this are my favourite ones, so this list is according to my musical taste, but you may find that some of the albums mentioned below are indeed great.

    Although the music I listen is mainly METAL, you may find some other genres, so if you are a close minded metal head who doesn’t want to see Megadeth or Slayer sharing a blog entry with another non-metal band, get the hell out of here!!! ......if you are not close minded but still a metal-head, don’t worry, I’m not mentioning releases by shitty bands, such as Radiohead, Coldplay, Tokio Hotel or crappy “artists” like Justin Bieber
    Ok, here you are

    *top played tracks by me
    **Releases are shown in no particular order

    Adagio - Archangels In Black
    Released: 09th Feb