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Absinthium was formed in 2003 on initiative of Dario Nuzzolo (Bass); the first line up included Alfredo Contino (Vocals), Gianluigi Di Fenza (Guitars), Franco Buonocore (Guitars) and Umberto Dell’Anno (Drums).

In March 2004 Absinthium take part in “New Generation” exhibition, playing their first own songs. During the ensuing months the band concentrates itself on writing and arranging the new tracks.

Later on comes the split with Alfredo, Umberto and Gianluigi and the consequent search for new members takes a lot of time, so the band has to wait ‘till early 2006 to find the new line up with Luca Gargiulo (Vocals), Tommaso Ruberti (Drums) and Sergio De Salvin (Guitars).

The following March, Absinthium record their first demo, receiving excellent feedbacks and being aired by some web radios such as Metal Express Radio.

On July 2007, after months of illness, Luca dies of leukemia. The loss urges the band to recruit Savior From Anger’s vocalist Alessandro Granato and to record the songs written with the former singer - as a tribute to him and to his will to come back and play -and then to go on with the new compositions.

In 2012 Absinthium released the debut album “One For The Road”, published by Punishment 18 Records

Absinthium music is a heavy-thrash metal influenced by 80s and 90s metal, but also opened to various contaminations.

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