• Vocaloid Megurine Luka 2nd Anniversary Releases

    Gen 26 2011, 6:48 di Hear-Japan

    Yokohama, Japan – January 26th, 2011 – January 30th, 2011 marks the 2nd anniversary of Vocaloid singer Megurine Luka. Vocaloid label KarenT is kicking off the celebration with a host of new releases. HearJapan is happy to .join in the festivities by making all of them available to the world!
    13 producers provide 14 new releases, from singles to full-on albums, making up a wildly diverse collection. There’s plenty to get you dancing from the likes of [emon(Tes.), Sevencolors and AVTechNO!. For guitar fanatics, powerchord_P and Caz turn it up to 11, and of course there’s plenty of upbeat pop from NATARIE IN THE DREAM and amyu.
    But that’s only half of it! There’s far too much to go into here. You can find all you need to get your own Luka party started at the links below. And let’s all look forward to more great things to come from Megurine Luka!


  • HearJapan Gives You Presents For Hatsune Miku's Day

    Mar 9 2010, 18:28 di Hear_Japan


    Yokohama, Japan – March 9th, 2010 – Why is March 9th Hatsune Miku’s day? Well in Japanese 3 (mi) + 9 (ku) = Miku! To celebrate another year of mesmerizing music from the world’s premiere Vocaloid singing idol Hatsune Miku, HearJapan and Crypton Future Media are teaming up to bring you, yes YOU, a load of presents for Miku’s day!

    Well OK, there is a small catch. First you need to download a selection of 10 free Vocaloid samples from Hatsune Miku Treasure Hunt at HearJapan. No, really, they’re all free! The only problem is that they seem to be missing their names. What you need to do is sift through the Vocaloid collection on HearJapan (that’s over 150 releases!) by listening to the 30 second samples and figure out the names of all 10 songs. The songs are a selection of both new and old tunes, possibly even the newest AVTechNO! – “Free” and Re:nG – “Nextone – Krnt Edit – “ releases. Ten lucky winners will be randomly picked from the correct answers.