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2nd Civilization



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After almost 2 decades of radio silence 2nd Civilization decided to start again as a band with two of its original members, the cousins Koen and Patrick. Long time friend and musician/producer Vidi was asked to join.

Currently at work on some reworks of songs from the first demotapes which date from 20 years ago.

Originally started as a “fun” project in 1986, two school friends Koen Dooms and Johan VS bought their first synthesisers and drum computer and started to play synthpop elektro music.

Soon they decided to release a demo tape “Eros and Civilization” which contained covers from Kraftwerk, Front 242 and DAF and songs from their own.

Through this demo the band could get some local attention and started to play some live gigs. Things got a bit more serious with the release of the second demo tape “Report” which was recorded at a professional 32 track studio thanks to the help and support of producer Jan V. for this demo Patrick D. joined the band and guitars were introduced.

Today both tapes reached a certain cult status and due to the limited release back then almost impossible to find in original format. Due to this fact and on revivid interest ,the bandmembers who were still actively busy in the music field, decided to revamp some of the old songs. So far with a very enthusiastic motivation to uplift the old versions to todays standards but with respect to the “old skool” nature of the songs.

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