(V.E.G.A.), which stands for Vacuum Era Gelid Atmosphere is a project born in the late ’90s. There have always been 3 members: Ravèz (Vocals, Guitars, Synths), Janos (Vocals, Drums) and Kekoz (Bass). The band is from Turin (Italy) even if Janos and Kekoz have been living in Norway from 2000 to 2006, therefore making the future of the band unstable. The band always recognised itself as an extreme music project not relating to any kind of musical genre. This led to their first album in 2000, totally self-produced, it was conceived as a mixture of the extreme music the members were into those years. Infact it’s a mix of dark ambient and raw schizophrenic blackmetal. It’s been released officially in January 2009 on CD by the french label Debemur Morti Productions. In 2002 a black pearl was conceived, the first officially released album named “Cocaine” was a step into blackmetal with some industrial feeling, pressed in limited vinyl version from “Legioni dell’Arcangelo Productions”. The band’s intention was to to compose a more “easy” album than its predecessor, more direct, fast and better produced. Still the album, which was then distributed worldwide thanks to Debemur Morti Productions in 2006 on cd and limited digipack, is today considered as an original interpretation of blackmetal. The band has been labelled as a “sick extreme music” project, and this is what it will always be about. A Mix of extreme music that changes over the years, evolving in a not predictable way. In 2009 the band finally gives birth to their own digital distributed net label “VEGA-KORPORATION” which has been created with the sole purpose of putting on the market all the hours of music (V.E.G.A.) managed to compose in the last 10 years and in the future as well, without having to deal with finding a proper label which fits the always harder to define genre of this unearthly project.

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