• ART OF FIGHTING Well-Matched Contest Story Arrange Sound Trax

    Nov 9 2006, 4:30 di XISMZERO

    ART OF FIGHTING Well-Matched Contest Story Arrange Sound Trax

    Having listened to many of SNK’s catalogue of mainstream franchises, I must report that I could very well disservice a bias towards most of the arrangements featured on many of their Scitron-catalogue “Arrange Sound Trax” albums. But I must give a hand to SNK; their music is always filled with a variety of instruments reflecting what the series calls for (resulting in mostly rock pieces) and their arrangement albums include an eclectic mix of musical style found within just about every SNK album which makes sure there’s a wealth of artist and vocal talent ahead.

    It’s inarguable that there are those bad albums in every game company’s history, with SNK, there aren’t that many bad, just not terribly good outside the realm of the hardcore, the enthusiast whom of which seeks out to hear (mostly high-quality) instrumental arrangements. I’ll point to the annual release of The King of Fighters Arrange Sound Trax, like the Falcom Special Box series…
  • Similar-artists-survey-thingie!

    Set 10 2006, 23:23 di lumineux

    Found this at another journal... and of course, decided to do it myself. Rules are as follows:

    Go to the page of your number one artist, and follow the link of it's number one similar artist, then repeating that for this artist and so on, noting down each artist as you go. Do this until you've got to 50 artists (not including your number one). If you get any repeats, just go to the second similar artist or the nearest one that you haven't already had.


    1. Hyde (why ain't i surprised? ahhaha)
    2. TETSU69 (the same...)
    3. P'UNK~EN~CIEL (all sons of the same breed)
    4. Goro Yasukawa (finally, something non-Laruku)
    5. Coming Century (described as "hot", "boy band" and "jpop"...)
    6. 20th Century
    7. 猿岩石
    8. Picasso (didn't know he used to sing too... ahaahha)
    9. 新世界楽曲雑技団
    10. 横山智佐
    11. 帝国歌劇団
    12. NO PLAN
    13. T-BOLAN
    14. 徳永英明
    15. 尾崎豊
    16. 山崎まさよし
    17. 宮崎吐夢
    18. O.P.KING
    19. 大貫亜美
    20. 吉村由美
    21. Kayo
    22. 宮崎吐夢
    23. ユニコーン
    24. 奥田民生