99 Anonymous


Gen 12 2012, 8:34

Citizens of the world, we are 99 anonymous.

In the name of the war on terror and weapons of mass destruction you are being lead into a surveillance state of economic ruin. Your democracy is a lie. The oligarchy and financial systems control your government. Your constitutions are being abused. Corruption and greed rule this planet.

The world has the technology to overthrow dictatorships, expose secrets, punish corruption and evolve past the financial oligarchy. The world needs government transparency, banking and financial system accountability, true justice and a real democracy.

99 anonymous is a series of mixtapes, released for free under creative commons by-nc-sa licenses, hoping to raise awareness to the ideologies behind the Anonymous, #AntiSec, Wikileaks and Occupy Wall Street movements.

The project has been launched publically on 11 January 2012 featuring the first volume and a pool of 22 tracks from the following artists: .crk, Amitron_7, Copy Your Idols, Ink & One, JARED BALOGH, Jari Pitkänen, M-PeX, Macabro, Mystified, No Loli-Gagging, OCP, ps, Ricardo Webbens, Sci-Fi Industries, Virgilio Oliveira and YTCracker.

We call all artists to use these tracks as inspiration and/or remixing material to create new tracks and mixtapes.

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