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  • RiccoLabel

    Anoice's new album 'into the shadows' is now up on BandCamp! https://riccolabel.bandcamp.com/album/into-the-shadows

    ieri sera
  • RiccoLabel

    Anoice's 3rd EP 'no room here' will be on sale on 16 May, 2015!! http://www.fleursy.com/riccolabel/discography/ric025_english.html

    mese scorso
  • RiccoLabel

    We'll release Anoice's forthcoming album 'into the shadows' on 14 February, 2015!! http://www.fleursy.com/riccolabel/discography/ric024_english.html

    Gennaio 2015
  • RiccoLabel

    We'll release the following two albums on 2 December, 2014!! EXXASENS '2007-2014' http://www.fleursy.com/riccolabel/discography/ric022_english.html Andrew Jasinski 'Sea' http://www.fleursy.com/riccolabel/discography/ric023_english.html

    Novembre 2014
  • lard67

    Very impressed with the speed my Yuki Murata 'Gift' CD arrived from Japan. Released 6th August, arrived 8th August. Thank you Ricco Label

    Agosto 2014
  • RiccoLabel

    We are happy to announce our new release! New solo album 'Gift' from Yuki Murata who is the pianist/composer of Anoice, will be released on 6 August 2014. You can also get her piano solo concert DVD and a signed post card, if you purchase the CD on Ricco Label website. Detail : http://www.fleursy.com/riccolabel/discography/ric019_english.html

    Luglio 2014
  • RiccoLabel

    Sorry for our late reply!! We've just found your post here. Anoice's "The Black Rain" was not available on iTunes due to the contract period, but it is now on sale all over the world.

    Ottobre 2013
  • duderdo

    Where can I buy the black rain in Canada? Both 7digital and Itunes say it is unavailable here.

    Agosto 2013
  • RiccoLabel

    you can now download films' tune "lost field" included in their forthcoming album "a forbidden garden" that will be released on 26 April, 2013!! please have a listen to awesome tune featuring females' beautiful and fantastic vocals in their original languages which are put on classic music made from piano, violin and viola, destructive rhythms and grandeur orchestral sounds. https://www.facebook.com/events/313849522076677/

    Aprile 2013
  • RiccoLabel

    We'll broadcast the piano concert of Yuki Murata via Ustream at 11:00 PM in the time of Tokyo, Hanoi, New Delhi, Moscow, Kiev, London, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Mexico City and Los Angels, on December 22, 2012!! Yuki will play not only her own tunes but also ones of Anoice and RiLF to which she belongs, and some classical music such as Claude Debussy, Johannes Brahms, Johann Sebastian Bach and Astor Piazzolla. Don't miss her beautiful piano sounds performed at the large empty concert hall!! http://www.facebook.com/events/456143191089447/ Hope you all have a Happy New Year!!

    Dicembre 2012
  • RiccoLabel

    Anoice's tune "drops" contained in their latest album "The Black Rain" has finally been listened to 200,000 times on SoundCloud!! This tune was composed for the charity compilation album "More Hope for Japan" aimed towards Japan fund relief and reconstruction work, released on December 2011. So, all benefit except for a credit card fee has been contributed for a disaster stricken area in Japan via American Redcross. Now, we've just started the free download of Anoice's all albums "Remmings", "Out of Season" and "Ruined-Hotel Sessions" except for the latest album "The Black Rain", and four music videos "ripple", "white paper", "drops" and "finale" that are contained in "The Black Rain", in reward for your support concerning Japan!! this is summer-only free downloading. https://www.facebook.com/anoice.japan/app_160430850678443

    Luglio 2012
  • RiccoLabel

    Anoice's unreleased tune "untitled 22.June.2012" is now available on their facebook!! Please download the mp3 of this tune for free within a month if you like it :') https://www.facebook.com/anoice.japan

    Giugno 2012
  • RiccoLabel

    Anoice's new four music videos from their forthcoming album "The Black Rain" are now up on YouTube! Please check them on our channel :D http://www.youtube.com/user/RiccoLabel

    Febbraio 2012
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