the neon tumbleweed: where american indie and traditional meet

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the new home for progressive, country fried americana

all of the alt-country and indie groups on last fm are pretty one dimensional and lame. they all post the same questions and information regarding corporately promoted bands already heavily covered as it is. this group is for everyone who's sick of repetition and wasting their time on a board of insulting, pretentious, know-it-all indie snobs. if you believe true country and american folk doesn't come from the pocket books of nashville and clear channel radio, and if you feel as much a connection with the wail of a pedal steel as you do a distortion pedal, then i want you to feel at home here. there's nothing wrong with strong opinions about material culture and we all have them, but if you'd like to meet some warm sincere people who are passionate about the independant music coming from america's heartland, then i think this group's for you. brothers and sisters, let us be a family together!

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