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Data creazione: 15 Apr 2009
bUTTONpUSHER put on DIY shows as well as booking tours and working on press campaigns for bands we love.

bUTTONpUSHER put on shows in Nottingham and Derby


+ 20th June @ The Chameleon, Nottingham - WHAT THE BLOOD REVEALED

+ 14th September @ The Chameleon, Nottingham - GACYS THREADS

+ 20th September @ The Hairy Dog, Derby - LOST IN THE RIOTS

+ 24th September @ The Chameleon, Nottingham - KHUDA, JUMPING SHIPS

Bands we've worked with....

And so i watch you from afar, Maybeshewill, Adebisi shank, Alright the Captain, Buenos Aires, Lafaro, Double handsome dragons, Coda, Beyond this point are monsters, Tapasia, Cutaways, Last days of lorca, Monsters build mean robots, Blakfish, Hot bone, These waves, Rolo Tomassi (DJ Set), Mender, Grande Duke, These Monsters,The Freezing Fog, xtag, And Stars Collide, Ghosts wear clothes, Shield your eyes, Silent Front, We be the echo, Fuck wolf, Jezery, Ten Past Seven,Talons, Union station massacre, Dead spex, Diet pills, Ghost hardware,Let our enemies beware, Nitkowski, Hreda, Hands up who wants to die, Hooray for humans, Super adventure club , Wander phantom, Kasper rosa, This is our monument, Khuda, Karhide, Itch, Chrik, Munroe effect, Worriedaboutsatan, Knifecutter, Maths, We came out like tigers, Speakyourheart, Little Courage, With Knives, Hold your Horse is, Amateur assassins, Arficeden, Silent front, Georgia asphalt, Goonies never say die, Run,WALK, Aged Yummy, Antares, Mutiny on the bounty, Solomon Grundy,Young wolves, Ice, Sea, Dead people, Stay Classy San Diego, What the Blood revealed, Flies are spies from hell, A plastic rose, FUNfun, Emphemetry, Axis of, Rosvita, Wot gorilla?, Fresh eyes for the dead guy, Bleaklow, Orders of the British Empire, Cissy, Dust Collectors, Leetabix, Actionier, 8mm Orchestra, Pifco, Crooked Mountain Crooked sea, Amateurs, Deaf to Van Goghs ear, My Psychoanalyst, Trojan Horse, Fall of Messiah, Shoes and socks off, HYMNS, Hey Enemy, Helsinki seven,Shape Lt., Kasakets, crushing blows, Once there were dinosaurs, Chris Martin, Stag, The Continuous battle of order, Illness, You Judas, Sir yes sir, Paperface, Jackie Treehorn, Secta rouge, The Good Fight, Leela and the spaceship, We say no, shakey hands, Americans, Maximillion I, Kill Goliath, Cheap Jazz, Lamp, I’ll eat your face, Sofakings, Last Lungs, vinolent, When a train hits a truck, Boutros Bubba, I saved Latin, You Judas, Worselings, Jogging, My Psychoanalyst, Apple Cannon, Without amps, Herra Hidro, Liberation pact, Crushing blows, Overhead the albatross, Kids, United fruit, La Boite Diabolique, Ute, Mascot Fight, Juffage, Gifts from Enola,Ratbiter, ASSS, The Shoguns decapitator, The FTSE100, Aulos, Our Helical Mind, Abandcalledboy, Les yeux de la tete, Rhodes, Cantaloupe,Tor, Shuriken, Gascan Ruckus, Lantern for a gale, Year of the flood, More than Conquerors, Tormenta, Generic, Kaliguah, Two trick horse, Baby Godzilla, Humanfly,Alex Hel, A-tota-so, Owensie, Action Beat, Kappa Gamma, Zola, Event Horses, Ricodimitri, Liberation Pact, John Makay, Seal of Quality, Fencing, Lost in the riots, We come in Pieces, NASDAQ, Bronto Skylift, Teletextile, Joys of madness, Tribal Fighters, Some Skeletons, Great Deeds, Kimmy Yeah, Kappa Gamma, Caution Elephant, Bear Makes Ninja, Pylons, Tera Melos

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