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Windows Phone, Windows Mobile and Pocket PC users!

The most advanced and superior mobile platform. Microsoft's Windows Phone has created the benchmark in terms of its vast range of features, customisability and usability and also in its diverse range of feature-packed phones.

Media is seen as an integral part of the Windows Mobile platform and this can be seen through the range of apps offered, both free and paid for. Windows Mobile currently has the widest range of apps for simply playing music and videos alone, with some even offering integration as well as many other services. Where several other phone operating systems lock the users in a single program without offering choice. These apps are often filled with features that are not needed or have features missing that the individual user wants. Windows Mobile offers that choice through several channels. You can get apps through the Marketplace on your Windows Phone or on several websites or forums where many users contribute their knowledge and skills and make owning a Windows Phone an enjoyable and on-lasting experience. Choice and Windows go hand-in-hand.

A majority of Windows Phones are known to be the best portable music/media player solution on the market, particularly in terms of sound and video quality. It easily outdoes similar products such as Apple's iPhone and iPod range as well as Symbian, Blackberry and Android devices.

Become a fan today of the best portable music solution and the best Mobile OS!

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