• Joe Block (Scarlet Anger): In Czech Republic the women are beautiful

    Lug 23 2012, 21:51 di CrimsonVolume

    By: Milan

    It is not that long time ago when I reviewed the debut album of thrashers SCARLET ANGER. After the review had been released the band itself asked me to make the interview. So why not go for it and find a bit more. So I´ve sent few questions towards Luxembourg where the singer and founder of the band, Joe Block, kindly answered them.

    (Česká verze zde)

    Hi Joe! Could you please introduce the band in the beginning?

    Hi! Scarlet Anger is a Thrash Metal band from Luxembourg, founded in 2007 by Joe Block (Vocals) and Fred Molitor (Guitars).
    They are best friends from childhood on and played together in a rock band, but they always wanted to play something heavier. So, one day they've decided to start a new band. In 2009 the first EP “La realidad es triste…was released. In 2010 the band found their current lineup, and 2011 the second EP “Kill the King”was released.
    2012 the first LP “Dark Reign” was released under the Label Dust On The Tracks.

    You are from Luxembourg. Is there an active metal scene in your country? Honestly, I don’t know many Luxembourg bands.

    The metal scene in Luxembourg is quite big compared to the size of the country, we have a lot of metal bands! There are some great bands like Desdemonia, Abstract Rapture,… At the moment there are also a lot of Metalcore bands like Falling Promises or An Apple A Day… So there are bands in every type of metal!
    But currently their aren´t many Metalbands with a record deal and Label. I think we are the only Metal Band in Luxemburg for the moment.

    You have released a debut album „Dark Reign“ this year. What about the reactions from fans and media? Are you personally satisfied with your work?

    We are very happy, because most of all the reactions are very good! Most of our fans love the album! We got some good critics in media too! In the german metal mag “Legacy” our Album was the CD TIPP which is really great! And they even dedicated us a whole site with interview! So until now it’s running really well! We hope to continue like this!

    The album is divided into two parts, „Kill the King“ and „The King Is Dead, Long Live The King“. Is it a conceptional album?

    Chapter 1 was recorded in 2010 and released in 2011 as EP “Kill the King”. This EP helped us to sign the German label “Dust On The Track”. The label wanted us to make this EP a full length Album, so that we entered the studio again in 2011 and recorded Chapter 2. We wanted to make it clear that those songs are from different recording sessions.

    The album was mastered by Jeff Waters from ANNIHILATOR. How did you get to cooperate with him? How would you assess the sound?

    Well we were looking for someone who is good at mastering and who loves thrash metal, so it was clear that if he wanted to work with us, we would engage Jeff for the job! So we contacted him and he wanted us to send him some songs to have a listen. A few days later he wrote us a mail that he would do the job! We all know that Jeff is a perfectionist and pro! He got a lot of experience in mastering while mastering albums of his band Annihilator and other bands! So it was really nice to work with him! He helped us a lot to get the sound we were looking for!

    But „Dark Reign“ isn’t your first release. You have also two EPs. The second EP „Kill the King“ was completely re-recorded on the debut. Was it the intention already at the time when you made the EP?

    Well no that wasn’t our intention at all! Since we were looking for a Label for the next Album we had send our EP to some labels in Europe. Our Label “Dust On The Tracks” from germany wanted to have the EP on our Album! They really liked the songs, so they wanted us to record a full length album and include the EP on it, so we had the remaster all the songs, so that they would not sound to diffrent from new songs.

    One can really feel the old schoul thrashing in your music. What bands are the biggest inspiration for you?

    YEAH we consider us as a Thrash Metal band. We just write the music we like. We don't try to concentrate on one style while we write songs. If it sounds good we keep it, if not we don't, simply as that ;) We all have different influences such as KREATOR, ANNIHILATOR, older METALLICA, MACHINE HEAD or even IRON MAIDEN and many more, we are all very open minded musicians. We listen to a lot of Metal bands.

    What are your plans now? Go for a tour, take a rest, prepare a new material, shoot a clip, …?

    At the moment we are allready writing on some new songs, beside of that we are looking forward to play some shows and maybe next year a little tour. We are also considering to maybe shoot a new clip, but there are no fix plans as for now.

    And the last question. As you know, this interview will be published in the Czech Republic. What about you and Czech? Do you know some Czech bands?

    In Czech Republic the women are beautiful ;))) and czech beer (Kozel)is really good. We would love to play the Masters of Rock festival one day or any other festival in Czech Republic! That would be great! I know that there are some Metal bands in Czech Republic, but at the moment I don’t remind one, but i’m sure that I have listened to some bands allready.

    That’s all. Thank you very much for your time and if you wish to say anything, now you have a chance.
  • Vik (Nothgard): We don't regard music as a competition

    Feb 29 2012, 9:23 di CrimsonVolume

    By: Tarin

    When we had been offered to make email interview, I didn´t hesitate much due to the review of the high quality debut album of this young German band. Bass player Vik answered my questions on behalf of the band.

    (Česká verze zde)

    Hello guys. Let´s start from the beginning. How did you get together? And how long was the way to Black Bards label?

    Hey. We were all friends and someday Dom and Toni started a new project. The first line up consisted friends only. After the frist break-ups we had a need for new members, but it was hard to find them, so we started to look for new ones in the internet. That was the way we've found Daniel. Through some coincidences we've also found Rosh and Ziggla. Meanwhile Dom and Vik recorded the first demo songs and looked for a label. Due to a good friend we got the hint for Black Bards and fortunately they liked our first stuff. The way to a label was not easy, but we have managed it in Nothgard's first two years.

    You are entering the music industry in a hard time of crisis. Are you afraid of it? Do you feel any impact of the crisis on the life of the band?

    The crisis is obvious, but it's never a reason to be afraid. Maybe it's getting harder and harder to sell CDs but nevertheless there are a lot of opportunities to perform live on stage and this is also very important for bands. To be honest we don't feel a crucial impact on our band and we hope that will last longer.

    Your first album "Warhorns Of Midgard" has already got pretty nice feedback from worldwide press. Did you expect such a success?

    All of us were very surprised. We didn't expect such great feedback, especially because most of the critics gave us about 80 – 100 % of their points. It's a great feeling.

    How did the writing and recording process of the album look like?

    Almost every song on Warhorns of Midgard begun equally. Dom started to set up the first ideas and arrangements, then the others continued with their ideas. We recorded this disk in three different studios. Guitars, bass, drums and vocals were recorded at a friends home studio. Also the keyboard parts – they were recorded at another friends home studio. The last and final arrangements did Andy Classen at his Stage One Studio. He reamped, mixed and mastered our stuff.

    Were you inspired by some other metal bands?

    Of course, who has no heroes? All of us were inspired by different bands and genres but the most important were bands like Wintersun, Kalmah, Ensiferum, etc. and also composers like James Horner and Hans Zimmer.

    Who participated in the creative process? Did each member join forces or was it only one or two main songwriters? Who had the final word?

    As we have mentioned before everybody participated in the creative process, but the main work was done by Dom, Vik and Daniel. Dom was the main song writer in most of cases, the others helped him to improve the songs and to give them the typical „Warhorns of Midgard“-flavour. Also the art work was conceptualized by Vik and Dom with the help of a good friend. The final art work have assembled Kris Verwimp. And of course the studio heads have had an influence on the final sound. But all in all Nothgard had the final word.

    Your lyrics are inspired by Viking theme. Was it your basic intention to follow this theme or was the decision done during the existence of the band ?

    Well at the very beginning we didn’t thought about beeing a Pagan or Viking band due to the lyrics. We were just impressed and iteressted by history and mythology. Dom, writer of the lyrics is very interested in old legends because he always mentiones everything remains and repeats one day. So everybody could learn a lot of the old ferrytales and stories. It’s also great to pick up a current topic and put it in a metaphorical shape. Our Song „Lex Talionis“ for exemple is one of those songs. It obviously links mythology with the onward lasting process of climate change and global contamination etc.

    There are quite many bands that play pagan/viking metal nowadays. Are you perhaps afraid of the competition?

    Actually we didn't know that this kind of music is so popular and that there are soooo many bands. It was kind of surprising when we have experienced that. However to answer your question: No we are not afraid of the competition because we don't regard music as a competition. It's not equal to economic competition where it's important to defend your market share, to make as many profit as possible or to sell a lot of stuff – No that's not the same for us and also it's not important which band has performed where and how often – In our opinion bands should support each other to raise the metal scene, especially because we all have the same aims.

    What are your plans in the nearest future? Are you planning a tour to promote the new album?

    We already had a tour in april to promote us and Warhorns of Midgard. Now we want to concentrate on the second album. Last week we've started the pre-production and if everything goes right we will record that new stuff in 2012. Also we plan to have a lot of concerts next year, also in many different regions and perhaps another tour.

    You´ve already visited Czech Republic twice. First at the end of October on Samhain Fest and then this year in club Abaton. How did you like Czech audience? Have you got any special memories from those gigs?

    Everytime we've been to Czech Republic the audience was very great. We really love to perform there and hope to play in this country soon again. The first time in Prague was very special for us, we've never been there before and after the gig we headed disoriented through the city to find some food and maybe a night club, but it was a long long way and after we had found a Mc`Donalds we were to exhausted to make party, so we went back to our car. That was all we saw in Prague haha

    Have you already got any new material prepared for the next album?

    Sure. We have a lot of new songs, but we also have to sort and improve them a lot because we want to produce a perfect second album. It will be much better than Warhorns of Midgard.

    I think that is all from my side for now! Thank you for your time. I wish you much success.

    Thank you very much for this nice interview and we hope to see you soon in Czech Republic at a Nothgard concert!
  • Lisa Geiß (Arven): Every song got its own message

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    By: Mich Elle

    ARVEN is a young band which I found not long time ago thanks to Massacre Records. After listening their debut album I fell in love with them and I was enthusiastic about the CD. I also received the opportunity to make interview with the band. Bass player Lisa was responding and here you can read her answeres.

    (Česká verze zde)

    Hi ARVEN, I would like to ask you if you were so kind to answer my questions. So the first question is: You are young group, aren't you? Where have you met and how long have you been playing together?

    Lisa: Hi! It was the vision of Anastasia back in 2006 to found an all-girl metal band, but she didn’t know enough girls that wanted to play metal on their instruments, so she pinned up notes everywhere to find girls to join her project. The beginning was hard and it took a long time until Anastasia had a complete lineup to play her songs. But a female drummer who would be good enough on drums was nowhere to be found, so she decided to look for guys. That’s why Till is the only guy in our almost all-girl band. In the beginning of 2007 Arven played their first live concert. In 2009 Arven had the last lineup change: I joined the band, and enjoy playing bass with Arven ever since.

    When did you start to make music?

    Lisa: I started to learn guitar when I was 8, but I switched to the bass guitar when I was 13 and I play more bass ever since. The other girls also have been playing instruments since their childhood.

    When you were children what was your dream profession? Were you thinking about career of musicians?

    Lisa: Kids are dreaming a lot (laugh). Yeah, I think I dreamed about a career in music. But it was more the kind of dream, which you know will never come true. Actually it became true :)

    Five ladies and one man. Who is the one to think new ideas up? Is Till quiet or does he bring his own ideas off?

    Lisa: It is Anastasia who wrote all the songs for Music of Light. Most of the times she comes up with a rough version of a song. The rest of the Arven listens to it and then we start playing the song together. While we are working on a song we get a lot of different ideas in our minds and everyone is trying to bring in her ideas, that's how our song assume its final form. Till has a lot of great ideas of his own too and we all listen to his opinion as the only guy – so that we know what you guys like :)

    "Music Of Light" is your debut album. Do you think that this sound is the one you want to carry on in future with?

    Lisa: Music of Light has so many different sounds on it. There are metal songs, folk songs and love songs. I think we basically will carry on with this kind of sound, but maybe in a slightly different way, because we continue to make progress as a band and also to constantly develop our songs. Even the songs we recorded for Music of Light sound different now, when we play them live. But I think that’s normal for a band.

    Which song is your the most favourite in this CD?

    Lisa: My faves on Music of Light are „World of Hatred“ and „Dard Red Desire“ – it is fun to play these songs and they totally rock.

    Everyone has an inspiration. What was your musical and lyrical inspiration for Music Of Light?

    Lisa: Like I said bevor, we all like very different kinds of music. The obvious influences would be bands like Nightwish or Blind Guardian or different kins of folk and classical music.

    What are your songs about? What did you want to say through these songs?

    Lisa: The lyrics have different themes from song to song. “Till death do us apart” is this typical sad love song and “My dear friend” was written by Anastasia for a friend of her, who died young. But then we have songs like “Midwinter Nights” and “Ruined Castle” which have fantasy lyrics – Carina sings about princesses, castles and dragons, but this songs are often not very earnest. “World of Hatred” is a song about the emotional alienation in our world and the music if also aggressive to fit the lyrics. Every song got its own message.

    Do you play only in Germany or do you play in other countries as well?

    Lisa: Most of the times we played in Germany – almost all over Germany actually. One time we played a live show in Switzerland and two times in France. In both countries we made great experiences, especially in France the audience responded very well to our songs and the show and we had a great after-show party with the guys.

    In which country would you like to have a concert and in which country do you think fans are absolutely awesome?

    Lisa: I would love to play in the UK and in the east countries like Czech Republic or even Russia. Also I would like to play again in France, it was great to be there. On facebook we have a lot of fans from Brazil, Mexico and the United States, so I think the fans would be awesome over there :)

    Do you plan tour or do you want to have just several concerts?

    Lisa: We definitley want to play live as often as possible to get rountine und to win over more fans. We would love to do a tour next year, but we haven’t made specific plans by now.

    What do you want to do in your future life? Have you got any plans?

    Lisa: We already wrote some songs for our second album. We plan to start recording the album at the end of next summer. Until then we will to play a lot of live shows and write even more now songs :)

    Finally to conclude our interview, could you describe ARVEN in few words?

    Lisa: Arven means a powerful and dynamic sound with the nightingale-like vocals of Carina formed to melodic folk metal with classical influences…

    Thank you very much for your time! If you want to leave some message to our readers, it´s your time!

    Lisa: Thank you, too, for your interest in Arven. If you would like to share your impressions of our CD with us, feel free to contact us on facebook – we would love to hear from you! :)
  • Carsten Lizard Schulz (Paradise Inc.): Sometimes you have to be careful, what you…

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    By: midrose

    A month ago you could breifly find something out about new german-brazil band called PARADISE INC. on our website. Potential, brilliance, a message – those were some words I mentioned regarding them and their debut album „Time“ in my review. High rating and unflagging curiosity for background information couldn´t have resulted in any other way then making the interview. The singer Carsten Lizard Schulz brings to you - as a little "post-Christmas present" - answers to many questions based not only on my former review.

    (Česká verze zde)

    Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you for your excellent album called „Time“! It was a real pleasure for me to cheer me up by listening to it and as a consequence of it, I had to evaluate the album with 8,5 points and then I had to make an interview with you too :) So my first question is this one: how was the response to this debut in general?

    Thanx indeed, really appreciate your words. Well, most reviewers kind of liked the record, some in fact were pretty enthusiastic.

    Our readers may not know how your band was formed, what is the story behind this all... Could you tell us a little bit about the birth of PARADISE INC.?

    Well, more than two years ago, I received a call by my good friend Paul Logue of EDEN’S CURSE. He was to produce the debut album of a Brazilian AOR band, but they needed a singer. He sent me a few tracks to listen to, and I instantly loved it! So, I was in. That’s more or less it :)

    Before talking about the album itself, I want to start by describing the cover of “Time“. I really love it. Firstly, it looks quite simple but when you look at it carefully, you start exploring all the levels, elements and symbols... and you become to be absolutely lost in it. Who is the master of it all and how are you and other members of PARADISE INC. satisfied with this work?

    The album cover is absolutely awesome! Our guitarist De Grigo is a brillant graphic designer, in fact, I was working with him before. It was all his idea. The guy’s excellent. By the way, the album will have a different cover on the Brazil release, but equally killer!

    While reading some information mentioned on booklet of your new album, I couldn’t believe that you all are creators of lyrics! It’s usual in all bands in the world that there is always one person who writes lyrics (or, sometimes, there is another person who occasionally helps the main composer by writing one or two songs maximum). But how is it possible that all the members of PARADISE INC. are behind this writing process?

    I can only speak for myself. Most of the songs had already been written, when I joined in, but I did change a few things here and there, as well as contributing one more song to the album, „I Will Wait“, which I had written with Robby Boebel (FRONTLINE) years ago. I guess, this is what makes the album. If you only have one songwriter, some albums, not all in fact, tend to get a bit boring from all the same style, whereas in PARADISE INC, with many different guys involved, everything’s gets a bit more divers and interesting.

    On your own, you wrote a song called “I Will Wait“ which I described as being exceptional especially for the guitar riffs in my review. It’s not a cliché, I really get cold shivers going down my back while listening to this piece of music. Could you tell me something about the history of this song, some “behind the scene“ facts? And maybe some of your own feelings about “I Will Wait“?

    Thanx again for your kind words. „I Will Wait“ in fact is a leftover from the first EVIDENCE ONE album, which I co-wrote with Robby Boebel. As we back then decided not to take any ballads on EVIDENCE ONE records, I guess mainly because Robby from his FRONTLINE days was completely fed up with doing ballads, we skipped the song. Nevertheless, it stuck in my mind for years, and a couple years later, I presented it to my friend Steffen Seeger of MIDNITE CLUB, and he started working on it, too. When I was working with PARADISE INC, I sent the track over to Brazil, and they liked it a lot. I’m happy that it’s finally out after ten years.

    I know that it’s always a hard question but, personally, which song do you like the most?

    Well, difficult, but I have to say, „Set Me Free“. It was the first song, I recorded for the boys, and the one that really kicked me.

    I consider “Not In Paradise“ as the best and the strongest song on the album. How would you describe the cooperation with Doogie White?

    That again was an idea of Paul Logue, who was working with Doogie a couple times before. In fact, I didn’t know, he was singing, until the boys all of a sudden sent over a duet version with Doogie of the song.

    My impression is that “Time“ is quite melancholic. There are about four real ballads and other songs are also quite blue; the same with already mentioned cover artwork which seems to be poetic and dreamy... Was it an intention to present your band in this light?

    Again, I can only speak for myself, but that melancholic sort of overall athmosphere was, what kicked me the most, when I first listened to the band’s sound. They weren’t like the typical „happy happy“ Melodic Rockers, there was way more depths in their songs, more feel than the average AOR band.

    PARADISE INC. was formed in Brazil but you’re German. Do you currently live in Brazil or how do you cope with the distance you need to reach?

    Nope, I’m still living in Germany, but thanx to the allmighty internet, things are not too difficult... ;)

    What about the near future of the band? Any concerts, new songs...?

    We’re currently cutting and producing a documentary for a bonus DVD of the Brazil release of „Time“ out next February. ...and then start working on album #2!

    The next question might seem a litttle bit strange to you but anyway... Time, what does it mean for you in general, in a philosophical point of view maybe? And how do you like to spend it?

    Listen to the very first line of the lyrics:“Takes more than a second to make a dicision, because what you wish for, can change your whole life!“ There’s so much truth in this little phrase. Most times, it’s the little things in life, that change everything, not the plans, you might have made for years, so sometimes you have to be careful, what you decide in a split second.

    You have the official Facebook page, the official Twitter page too, then MySpace of course etc. But the fact is that on your Twitter, there is no tweet at all :) That’s the reason why I’d like to ask you if you consider the new modern social networks and all these stuffs as important for musicians and bands? It looks like you don’t care about social networks as much when you haven’t tweeted yet so far :)

    Haha, well, me personally, I’m not on Twitter, but I have to ask the boys, who’s in charge for the Twitter page. Facebook on the other hand is something, I consider to be very important. Not only do I have the chance to get in contact with my fans directly, buut also businesswise it’s a brillant thing. Especially since the band members in PARADISE INC live on two sides of the globe – with Facebook, it gets way easier to communicate.

    And of course, it’s Christmas time and the end of the year: this is the reason why I have to ask you what this period of year means to you, how and with whom or where you spend those days?

    I always spend Christmas with my wife and family. That’s absolutely important for me – and it’s been wonderful as usual.

    What did you get as Christmas presents?

    Wine, tea and underwear ;)

    What would you wish yourself and PARADISE INC. for the next year? And what would you wish all your new fans and readers of Volumemax?

    I hope to start working on the second album pretty soon and get it out more quickly than the first one. In fact, I recorded my parts in late 2009, so it took two years to get „Time“ out. Hopefully, we’ll be quicker with the next one.
    Nothing but a rocking 2012! And: Like I always say, don’t believe the critics, listen by yourselves. ...and if you you like, what you hear, don’t download on torrents, buy an album. It might not make a huge difference for the big bands, but for small bands, it’s hugely important.

    Thank you very much for your time and for your “Time“! ;) And of course, with all the reviewers and editors of Volumemax, I wish you Happy New Year 2012 and good luck to you and all the members of PARADISE INC.!

    Thank you very much – God bless you.
  • Mike Cameron Force (Enbound): Enbound is not about someone or something, it’s about…

    Gen 9 2012, 21:41 di CrimsonVolume

    By: Crimson Thunder

    Delays with interviews seem to be standard with me. But what I managed to do this time is quite unique. I requested the interview with Enbound mainman, Mike Cameron Force, shortly after my review of their great debut album, And She Says Gold, which was at the end of May. I managed to finish my questions and send them by the end of summer and now here I am, in 2012, to present you the result of my effort. If you can, forgive my delay and head back to sunny, hot, summer days and read something interesting about the background of expectional power metal band, which managed to record really unique debut.

    (Česká verze zde)

    Hello Mike. I am sorry that I can send you the questions with such a delay. I wanted to make this interview happen some three months ago, but due to many things I am able to send the questions to you now. But on the other hand, thanks to this I can start this interview from a bit wider perspective. The summer time is slowly coming to it´s end, so how did you enjoy it? Did you have any holidays and time to spend with your family?

    Yeah it has been great! I had 4 weeks of holiday, just came back from Tunisia and Sahara :)

    Is the summer time an opportunity to switch off a little bit from the band related duties? Do you perhaps have less rehersals?

    Not for us no... we work every day with the band and record things and try new stuff. We haven‘t rehearsed together yet so it’s the same as always, no rehearsals at all, haha! But in the summer it’s the opposite, we work more in the summer cause we don’t have so much other work to do, so we can put more time for Enbound.

    Some bands have rehersals on regular basis while others don´t for example thanks to distance among the members. How is it with ENBOUND?

    As I happened to reveal in the previous question, we have never rehearsed with this current lineup. We have been on stage only once, and that wasn’t even live, haha, but it was when we recorded the video for „Combine The Souls“. However we talk a lot over the phone and internet because it’s very important still keeping in touch when you are so far away from each other.

    Let me now get fully to the band related questions. You formed ENBOUND in 2006 but the debut album was released a few months ago, at the end of April, 2011. I think this is quite natural question that you´ve must have heard many times. Why did it took five years to release your debut album? I think it must have been a combination of more factors – from finding the right members to composing and recording itself. Am I right?

    Yes the band was formed in 2006 but we had some problems puting togheter all the members and we wanted to let things take it’s time and not rush into things. We want to write music that we really like and believe in. Also we had to try many different things before we found the proper sound and song material in order to do this.

    How long have you been working on the album? Now I have in my mind the time from the beginning of the writing process till the final part of the recording process, not anything like searching for the right band members or searching for the label.

    We wrote material during a few months, and then hit the studios and there were four studions involved and it was pretty hard to set dates which suited us all to meet for recording, so I had to travel a lot to produce the album. This process including recording took 666 days.

    Were some songs written even before ENBOUND was founded?

    We started the band with two songs and one of them got on the album, Under A Spell. Both of them was written for Enbound by our former guitar player Jonathan Nyberg.

    Who is the main composer in the band? Or did each member join forces in composing?

    We all write stuff and everyone in the band has a couple of percents in each song. I have been the main writer though but we all have ideas. So yes, we all join (Mike Cameron) Force!

    Why did you decide to sign with Inner Wound Recordings?

    We felt it was the right choice for us from the three labels that showed us interest. We got a good deal and it’s easy for us to just call the record company if we have some questions or whatever we might need to talk about. And we have a lot of freedom with everything concerning the album, well concerning most everything.

    Now let me ask a few questions about the band members. I must admit that some names were almost completly unknown for me and maybe I am not the only one. I think that especially Marvin and Swede are not very known in Czech Republic, so let´s start with them. Could you introduce them a bit? The only thing I know about Marvin is, that he is very young and talented as hell :)

    Hahaha yes he is even though Marvin has not so much life experience he compensate this on his guitar. He used to play with „Sanchez“ before Enbound. He grew up in the same neighbourhood so we knew each other. He likes a wide variety of music, from classical to bluegrass to the hardest bad ass pure black death speed metal....and Sune Persson, a very famous Swedish jazz saxophonist.
    Swede is also someone I knew since years before he joined the band. He used to play funk and Dream Theater covers. He has the mother role in the band, doing my laundry, keeping my stuff safe that I left in Borås, the town he, Marvin and I are from, plus is doing all the internet related stuff.

    How about your singer, Lee Hunter? The searching for him took the longest time if I am right. Why did the search took so much time?

    We really wanted a great singer, and it’s not easy to find great singers. We tried maybe 30-40 singers before finding Lee. I think he’s got an amazing voice and he also is a great person so it felt great when he wanted to join the band.

    How did you find Lee?

    I found him on MySpace :) Wrote him an e-mail asking if he wanted so sing some metal and got a quick reply: „Finally some metal! Send me a song!“ And so I did, and got it back one hour later and it was great!

    Do you agree that singer is the most important part of the band? And if so, was it perhaps also the reason why the search took so long?

    The singer is imortant, but a band is a band. Every piece of Enbound is important.
    Otherwise it’s not a band, but a soloproject. Enbound is not about someone or something, it’s about everything.

    What about Lee´s other band, WORK OF ART? Could you tell us anything about it? I´ve listned to them on MySpace but some of the readers may not know about this band but they might want to learn a bit more.

    I don’t know the guys in Work of Art except for Lee but it’s Lee’s friends back from school. AOR at it’s best I think :) They have released two albums. A little bit softer than Enbound so we are not in the same genre, wich is good for both of us :)

    Last but not least, I must not forget about you :) You´ve played in several bands, not only melodic power metal ones, but also in POEM, which was melodic death metal/thrash metal band. It seems that you like more metal genres and I suppose that you don´t listen only to metal stuff, am I right? What kind of music do you listen to?

    I really listens to everykind of music wich give me something (in heart). A great song is a great song no matter wich genre. Everything from Sarah Brightman to Immortal!

    Are there some significant differences in being drummer in melodic power metal band and in melodic death metal band? It probably won´t be only in the tempo I guess…

    Well the tempo is probably the most different thing. It’s more agressive on every level and it’s more about having a good stamina than feeling.

    You are also producer and If I am right, you´ve produced some albums for AXENSTAR and DRACONIAN among others. Have you got any other job apart from music? And is there any interesting CD that you´ve produced recenetly? Not necesserly a metal CD…

    Yes I work as a janitor :) Hahaha always with music in my ears. But I only work to survive and with music I work to live. The last years I put all energy to Enbound so I haven’t produced anything for other artist in a while. The last thing was just to produce drums for a cool trash band called Leach from Sweden.

    Thank you for the introduction. Let me get back to „And She Says Gold“ for a while. How were the reviews so far? I must admit that I haven´t checked many of them, but I´ve seen some significant differences in ratings.

    Well we are very glad for the reviews we recived. It’s four years of work and of course it’s great to have a high score on a review. Our album is pretty wide so I guess it’s hard to like every song but I think we make quality music and some of it has to grow on you for a while. Then you really can enjoy it fully :)

    What is more important for you? The opinion of media or the opinion of fans? And what kind of reaction have you received from the listeners?

    Our fans are the most imortant for us. Media is a way of getting more listeners and fans, but we love our fans, they’re amazing!

    My opinion is, that „And She Says Gold“ is a masterpiece. The press release was right from the beginning to the end and I really think that the album is one of the best melodic metal debuts in last ten years. Maybe not only in last ten years. And although you are very young and maybe not that known, you´ve recorded great CD, maybe one of the best in this year. Simple question. How did you manage that? :)

    Thank you! It means a lot for us and thats is something that makes us wanna do more music. It’s really just hard work for us:) And a lot of money and time invested...

    There are some guests on the album who are also quite unknown for us I suppose. Could you tell us anything about LaGaylia Frazier who sings in song “Frozen To Be” and the singer who sings the opera vocal in “Running Free”?

    LaGaylia is from USA, now living is Sweden, and daughter to Hal Frazier. She works around the world and has done numerous shows with many famous artists. She is a great person, so full of joy, with an amazing voice. The opera part in “Running free” is Lee :) He really can sing every style!

    Why did you decide to cover Michael Jackson´s „Beat It“? This song seems to be really favourite one because you´re not the first metal band to cover it. Is Michael´s music an influence for you?

    We had Beat It on our setlist before recording it and way before Michael passed... The idea of this cover orignates from my coverband „Mike Jackson“ ;) haha! But we all like Michael Jackson’s music and sadly he died in the middle of the recording of the song...

    Imagine a situation. There is a listener who have never heard about your band and your debut album. You would have to convince him to listen to your CD, but you could mention only one thing about your album. What would it be?

    Melodic :)

    To conclude this topic, could you give us your personal overall opinion about „And She Says Gold“? Are you 100 or more % satisfied with it and do you really think that you´ve managed to create something special, or is there something you´d like to change now?

    I think we did all we could on ASSG. We are very, very happy with the result and we don’t think about wanting to go back and change anything. Instead we try to do things a bit differently on the next album. Well, yes there are things on ASSG that we could have been polished more and more and more, but c’mon, it’s great! ;)

    If you consider your album that much special, what about your second CD? I guess it will be pretty difficult to overcome „And She Says Gold“. Have you already got any ideas for your next album?

    We have some ideas for the second album and I think it will be at least as great, both musically and creatively with recording, writing and everything. I don’t want to reveal to much, but we are going to do our best to show off your creative side while retaining the Enbound sound and concept.

    I´ve noticed that you all can play many various instruments that are not typical for metal. For example, Lee can play ukulele according to your website. It might be interesting and original to compose this instrument into your music, what do you think?

    Haha, well maybe! We had an strange Thailandish-instrument on ASSG wich ended up cool in the mix on the song „Love Has Come“ so we are not afraid to combine strange instrument as long as it gives us something and sounds cool.

    And finally we should speak about your live performance for a while. How many gigs have you already played? Have you perhaps already played in some faraway country which could be considered as exotic?

    The band has only done two gigs, both in Sweden, but none with the current lineup. We are very thrilled about playing live but we want to record one more album before going onstage.

    Can you already say which country has best ENBOUND fans?

    Haha if I now don’t say Czech Republic you will probably cut my head off, right? ;) I think we have most of our fans in Sweden, Norway, Germany, UK and Japan wich is typical for this kind of music.

    What about some tour? I am obviously interested wheter we can see you around Czech Republic sometimes in near future.

    We can only hope:) We would love to come to Czech Republic and play!

    Have you or someone else from the band been in Czech Republic? For holidays for example?

    Swede has as a kid, in Prague. He remebers it being beautiful and with cheap ice cream – that’s very important for Swede...I mean, for a kid! And he also says Staropramen is the best – I wouldn’t know since I don’t drink.

    Mike, I think that is all from me! Thank you very much for your time, for your kind answers and for bringing ENBOUND to life, because now we can enjoy great CD! If you want to leave some final message for your fans, go for it :) Take care and hope to see you sometimes on stage!

    Thank you so much for checking out Enbound and you can also do it on:
    Rock on!!
  • Kreso Stekovic (Spellbound Dazzle): Our goal is to create something different,…

    Gen 7 2012, 18:23 di CrimsonVolume

    By: Atttila

    We bring to our readers interview with band SPELLBOUND DAZZLE although with certain delay contrary to our former intention. Enjoy the interview about their critically acclaimed debut album, "Unreal FairyTales“, and much more.

    (Česká verze zde)

    Greetings to SPELLBOUND DAZZLE. To be honest from the beginning, there aren´t many musical enthusiasts in Czech Republic who would have heard about your band however I hope, that the situation will change for better following our recent review of your debut album. Personally, I must bow down to your album „Unreal FairyTales“ and express great amount of respect to the courage you´ve shown on this album.How would you describe your musical style and direction you´re heading?

    Hi, well at all it's a little bit weird, but not for us. I mean everyone who tried to analyze our music had some difficulties. Let's say it's a modern “hard rock“ but at the same time with some classic riffs and a lot of different styles in it. We're four members and each one of us has different musical influences, but we put them all together and create this way SPELLBOUND DAZZLE songs. Obviously me and my brother love to fill our songs with balcanic roots and develope this style for making new balkan songs, because our audience seems to appreciate it. They always have a lot of fun while we’re playing songs like “Ruska“. We're not following any direction, just make the music we love to play and music we're inspired of.

    How did you come to the name of the band – SPELLBOUND DAZZLE?

    Ok, I'll tell you the story, but you don't have to laugh till you finish reading the sentence. Ok? We've tried hundred of different names, but no one seemed to be interested in us. Then my brother just took a dictionary, opened it and pointed his finger on the last word of the page with closed eyes and said: "this will be the name of the band". When he looked at it he saw "Spellbound". Then he told us about it and we liked it. Lately it became SPELLBOUND DAZZLE.

    Personally, I must admit, that I am amazed since the first time I´ve heard your debut album. How such mix of genres comes to life? What does inspire you?

    In your first question I said "weird" and I think that some weird and different things capture our attention and maybe this is what gives us the most inspiration. We aimed at making something different, listenable and exciting at the same time. I'm talking about the whole album. You may notice that each song is totally different from the others and this is the first step of making it less boring for any listener. And if it's a pleasant listening too, than we get what we wanted … a good album.

    Do you think that you could mention one band that was or still is most influential on your music?

    I've always listened to any kinds of music, but my first favourite band ever were The Beatles, then Elvis Presley and Tom Jones, but also some balcanic music like Lepa Brena or Goran Bregovic. And when I was 15-16 years old I started hearing Slipknot and some other harder music-albums that I’ve stolen my brother who loves Queen, Metallica and Pantera. Our drummer Stefano loves Dream Theatre and Dante loves bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cky and Skrillex. You just try to put all these artists together and "Unreal FairyTales" comes out. It's pretty simple isn't it? I’m just kidding, to be honest I rather don't know how these songs came out, I only know that I like it.

    Does the „Unreal FairyTales“ reflect the real former vision of the band? In other words, does it sound the way you wanted it to sound?

    Absolutely yes!! Obviously there are a lot of little things now that we could change here and there in every song. That didn't came in our minds while recording, but it will always be like this. I mean that every song of the album is inspired by the specific period it was written in. We'll keep holding our experience that "Unreal FairyTales" gave us for the next album.

    How was this diverse material accepted worldwide?

    Very well! We had a lot of positive reviews, or should I say excellent reviews, because most of them were high-scored reviews like yours. So I think that this album and this music is appreciated at least by the criticians. I hope for the fans it is the same.

    Could you tell us anything about the very well-done cover? Does it express anything concrete or is it all on one´s imagination?

    I think it's both. It came out of imagination, but it's also representing a weird mental match between heaven and hell, evil and good or whatever it is. It's been a long match that still runs and that's why the chess looks like a river that goes into a waterfall (or chessfall in this case). It's a match that will end soon and there can be only one winner. Than I have to tell you something about the spider, too. Maybe it's a bit personal but to me spiders represent fear and I know so much people that are afraid of spiders, too. In this case it is a pawn, so It's like if I try to control my fear and play with it.

    If you should choose one song from the album, which would be the most representative, which one would it be?

    It's not easy, because I like them all. But one song, where it’s easy to dance to and to sing along, is "Ruska". It's a folk rock song that people like, so probably it would be this one. But I can't say if it's the most representative song, because of our multiethnical sound.

    What are you working on these days? Is there any new material coming up shortly?

    We have a lot of new material, where we still have to continue our work. Right now in this period we're working on 15 new songs for the next album. So I can tell you there will be a new album production next year.

    What about your experiences with live playing? I mean how often you play and how is the interest from the fans.

    Playing live shows is one of the most exciting things in the music business, but it’s hard to find good locations for upcoming bands like us. There are thousands of bands that want to play live. Another thing that makes it more complicated are the pubs and the booking agents. They only want bands that guarantee a sold-out concert. So it's an endless circle. But we are still working on getting a tour running soon!

    Do you think that your music is more club or festival based?

    I think it's ok for both. It's the kind of music that rocks huge crowds or even only three people. We have fast riffs, slow ballads and metal riffs. Something for everyone ... ha ha ha

    Is there any chance that even fans in Czech Republic will have the possibility to see you live anywhere around?

    "Nothing is impossible"! I hope it will happen very soon. We would be proud to play there and visit your country. Furthermore no one could say he doesn't like nice girls and good beer, and we know Czech Republic implies these things, so you know that you're one of the first on the list. And my grandfather was from Czech Republic too.

    What do you think about nowadays rock and metal? What is their situation, what´s good and bad for them?

    I have two points of view about this: I think everything became more superficial nowadays. Yes, there are still some good bands, but there a only a few amazing ones. Rock and metal are always alive and they're getting modern. A lot of bands have the problem to invent some really good unknown melodies. In my opinion they only published their music to say "hey, we made an album too, we're cool…". Also the media concentrate only on commercial music and many young music fans don't even know some good bands. This makes it more complicate to hear music like ours on the radio, especially on bigger radio and TV broadcast stations, except for some really famous bands.

    What do you think is the direction that rock and metal will take in the future?

    I really don't know. I can only say that the music became harder in contrast to the time, when metal was born. Personally I don’t prefer these bands so that I’m bored after two songs or even earlier. They always continue with their fast drumming and heavy guitar riffs. This seems to be the balance point of their music, but people and fans, who are not musicians and don't appreciate musicians technical qualities, only care about the image and behaviour of a band. I mean the way a band moves, the way they dress and so on. This is only my musical taste and point of view. I think that music, which stands somewhere between the hard and the soft sound, should be the right way.

    My last question. Do you know any current Czech band or performer?

    Kern, Turbo, Skwor and some harder bands which names I can't remember right now.

    Thank you for your time. I wish you many success in the future.

    Thank you too and a great salute to all your readers and fans and hope to see you soon.
  • Sven D´Anna (Wizard): We don´t think about trends, it´s not necessery for us

    Set 23 2011, 16:14 di CrimsonVolume

    By: Crimson Thunder

    After the release of the new WIZARD´s album I was asked by the record company to make the interview with somebody from the band. I´ve had the chance to ask Sven earlier, so I gladly accepted to do the interview with him again. His answers were in complete conformity with the band´s philosphy - straight, open and true to the one and only true heavy metal.

    (Česká verze zde)

    Hello Sven. I am very glad that I can ask you a few questions once again. I am not sure if you remeber, but we did the first interview together in 2006 and it is for sure that a lot of things have changed since. So if you don´t mind I´d like this interview to be mostly about comparing.
    Let me start with the change of your record companies. It was only a few months in 2006 when you were in the rooster of Massacre Records and as you said it had been too early to ask for comparison with your previous label. But now I think it´s the right time to do this. You´ve released three CDs under Massacre Records, so I think that both you and them must be quite happy with mutual cooperation, aren´t you?

    Sven: Hossa! Yeah nice to read from you agin!
    Well I think there are no serious difference between the record companys. Every company brings out your album and make a little bit publicity. At the moment the most publicity you will have in the Internet and I think Massacre do a good job for us. The basic for me is that we become the money for recording an album and more I do not await.

    What is the difference between LMP and Massacre? Is it the overall approach? Or something more concrete?

    Sven: As I wrote before there are no special difference and I don’t want to talk about money ore something like that in the public sorry :).

    Could you just briefly tell us something about first two albums under Massacre Records? How are your opinions about „Goochan“ and „Thor“? I remember that you are very open and when I asked you 5 years ago about your opinions about „Magic Circle“, you said that you had not been 150 % satisfied with it. It´s nice to see somebody talking straight, so I am interested, how are your opinions about the following albums.

    Sven: For me magic circle is a great album with great songs but a very very bad sound. I feel a little bit sad when I am thinking about it. Believe me this songs with a good sound – brilliant!
    So after that shit we decided to work with Achim Köhler and it was the right decission. Gochan and Thor are both great albums with great musik and an marvelousness sound. Also the reactions from the croud was much better the before. So everything we do was right.

    Allright. Now let´s talk about „...Of Wariwulfs And Bluotvarwes“. The CD saw the light of day at the end of March, 2011, so you must have received a lot of feedback from media and fans as well by now. How is the new CD doing compared to „Thor“?

    Sven: Yes we made a lot of interviews and concerts the reactions from the fans were great.
    I think Of Wariwulfs is another master peace and for me the best album we ever made. I love that shit!

    The album is revolving around Hagen von Stein trilogy, written by Andre Wiesler. I think it was Volker who have read the book, but why have you decided to base your new album on this story?

    Sven: Yes Volker read the books and he asked us to make a concept with this story. I think It is a good story so I decided to do that. For me a story like that is a good background for a good new album. It is very interisting and as I can see now a lot of fans like that.

    Is it perhaps also thanks to the fact that the tales about vampires and werewolves are very popular nowadays?

    Sven: No, Volkers believe have shown us the way to do that. We do not think abou trends and something like that. It is not necessery for us.

    Was the recording process of the new album different anyhow?

    Sven: Yes we do a lot of work at home and also our drummer recorded the drums at home.
    The hole production was formed by WIZARD alone. Achim Köhgler makes the sound and WIZARD the rest. It was relaxed working in every way. No stress and I think you can feel it on this album.

    Why do you think that your fans should check out your new CD? Is there anything special that we don´t know from your previous CDs?

    Sven: It is a great Heavy Metal album. Varied and with a bombastic Sound. But as I say before you have to love it ore hate it. But I think the most WIZARD fans lovce this master piece ;-).

    I think it´s quite usual, that when a band release new CD, the bandmembers always say that it´s their best album so far although it´s not always true. So here goes very unexpected question. What is your personal opinion about „...Of Wariwulfs And Bluotvarwes“? Would you say that it is your best release? And if not, what is your most favourite one? If you have any ;)

    Sven: Yes you are right this is the best album ha ha ha. Most time after I finished the work in the studio I needed to become a break. I can not lissten to the new songs becaus ao lisstening thound times in the studio. But Wariwulf is my new drug. I neet this album to fuck, to sleep and to make party yeah!

    Have you already got any ideas of how your new album will look and sound like?

    Sven: Yes I have already about ten lyrics ready and and I think it will be a hard album. Perhaps harder than ever but we will see what the future will bring.

    Do you think that you will release a CD revolving around nordic mythology once again?

    Sven: I don’t think so but never say never. It depends on what Volker habe for sick idears in his head. We will see.....

    WIZARD are on the scene for more than 20 years, so you have got many experiences. How were the conditions for bands and the overall atmosphere back then when you started and how does music industry look like now?

    Sven: I think the music industry is dead. You can not as much albums as before and the Internet plays a important rule. A lot of things have changed. Most people are working 24hours a day with the Internet. They don’t spend time for magazines ore something like that. Also it is hard to make concerts – no money, no time.
    Yeah but I think not everything is bad now. It is easy to catch more people now becuase of facebook and myspace or other things like that. You don’t neet much money for promotion. :)

    And what you – I mean you as a band – have evolved into through those years? I believe that not only your composing abilities have improved a lot, but I think that even your approach to music as a whole had to change somehow.

    Sven: I think there are not much changes in our personal music liking. We all love metal ass well and life for it. And I think this reason will never change until death :). Dano brings new factors into the band as he joined into WIZARD but that’s it. We don’t changed our attitude to the music or to our live. We love to do and play what we want and that I think is really great and true.

    What is your recipe for a succes? You´ve started as a real underground band, your first release was not so professional as the coming CDs. But then you were getting more and more attention, you were improving yourselves and now you are in the roster of an acclaimed label, you are quite known and respected band…

    Sven: The big head of this succes is friendship. We don’t play music for money because we love music it is like a hobby for us. We all have a job and families and also wizard is grown up to a big familie over the years. So if you are not addicted from the music industry and not addicted from the money you make with music you have the chance to play metal for the hole live. I love it that way........

    Another great change compared to 2006 are the gigs. To this date, you´ve never played in Czech Republic, but since then you´ve played Czech Republic several times, this year you´ve played twice here. Who invites you to play in our country? Who can we thank to? :)

    Sven: Our great Manager Wenzel invites us to come to Czech Republic. He is a great person and makes a lot for us in your country. We are very proud to know that there are so many great metal fans in Czech Republic. We love it to play there and I hope we will play many times again. Every time it is fantastic – thanks a lot to our great fans in the Czech Republic!!!!!

    According to the posting on your website, it seems that you were very satisfied with the audience in Czech Republic. It seems that the response from the fans was above your expectation?

    Sven: Yeah as i wrote before it is fantastic. All the people in the Czech Republic are heartly and on every gig the atmosphere is beyond words. I can not wait for the next gig in your country realy great!

    How did you enjoy the gig in Trinec? And could you compare the gig in Trinec, which was on a festival, and in Plzen?

    Sven: Trinec was a great festival. We played a little bit to late I think but we and the audience had a great time and a good metal party. The organisation was very good there. We have to drive about 1200km to Trinec but every km was worthwhile.


    Are Czech fans special in any way?

    Sven: Yeah they are crazy in every way! I meet a lot of great people in Czech Republic and I have to say thanky you again for the great acceptance. In the Czech Republic the metal world ist just alive!

    Are there any other gigs coming your way?

    Sven: Our last gig was in Slovenia and that’s it for this year. I will open a new Bar in October so I have to work very hard the next weeks. There is no time for concerts other things. I think we will beginn to write new songs so that we fast can come again to the Czech Republic.

    I´d have a few more personal questions if you agree. How was it that you´ve started with singing? You have evidently improved a lot during the years. Have you had any singing lessons or you´ve learned everything by yourself?

    Sven: I started to sing at the age of 14 I think. I had a half year classic lessons for my voice. But that is a long time ago. Most I learned by myself. Also during the recordings in the studio a learnd a lot. I think my voice grow up over the years of experience and Jack Daniels :).

    Can you play any other instrument?

    Sven: Yeah before I started ti sing a played drums in a band called Mandragore. But to play drums is to arduous ha ha ha.

    In 2010 you and Dano were guests for CRYSTAL VIPER on their „Legends“ CD. Did Dano record choirs as well? And how was the recording? What do you think about CRYSTAL VIPER?

    Sven: Yes also Dano recorded some vocals for this album. We recorded it in our own studio so it was not special for us. But it was special to do something for our friends of Crystel Viper. I like the music of them and also the people. We made some great partys together and I stay in contact with them. Hail to Crystal Viper!

    There is one more project you´ve been involved in and that is DAWNRIDER. I´ve noticed that Tarek Maghary have invited a lot of great guests for this album, so it can be pretty interesting but I must say that I haven´t heard it. Is it worth trying?

    Sven: I gave my vocals for one song of this project. It was an interisting project for me. The sound is not the best but perhaps you can listen to some songs in the internet? I like this album but it is matter of taste.

    Are there any news from DAWNRIDER camp? Have you got any information about another CD? Probably „Fate Is Calling Pt. 2“?

    Sven: No I have not heard a long time from Tarek. I don’t know waht he will do in the future.

    What´s your personal job? And how do you like to spend your free time?

    As I wrote before I will open a new Bar in my hometown Bocholt. The other time I spend with my kids and also I like cooking very much. Sadly there are no time to do other things between my kids the new job and the music. But I love it like that.

    One last question. Back in 2006 you said that beer was too heavy for your stomach. Is it still true? :)

    Sven holy shit yeah ha ha ha I prefer to drink Jack Daniels! If I drink to much beer I bacome case of trots ha ha ha

    Sven, thanks a lot for your time. I hope to see you sometimes in Czech Republic again. Have a nice time and take care!

    Ales thank you very much for this interview and for your interisting in WIZARD! I hope you can understand my bad english and to see you and all the great metal fans from the Czech republic in 2012!


  • Alex Guth (Stormwarrior): We still like the Helloween stuff and of course we like…

    Set 8 2011, 22:44 di CrimsonVolume

    By: Atttila

    Shortly after the release of the new album, Alex Guth, guitar player from German power metallers STORMWARRIOR, gave his answers to my questions regarding new album, the current atmosphere in the band, the future and also about the relation with bands like GAMMA RAY or HELLOWEEN.

    (Česká verze zde)

    Greetings to all of you STORMWARRIOR guys and congratulations to your fourth studio effort. Let me start this interview with a few questions about the band. How is the atmosphere in the band lately?

    Hi, and thanks for your kind words. Actually the atmosphere in the band is pretty good, although our drummer Hendrik decided to leave the band at the end of the year due to scheduling problems. Still I think that Lars, Yenz and myself form a pretty solid core for STORMWARRIOR, and I also think that the new album „Heathen Warrior“ shows that we consolidated as a band quite well in the past three years.

    All of your CDs have permanently got high quality standard and they sound very steadily. Do you think that the band underwent any musical progress during last ten years?

    Yes, definetly. In the beginning it was more about bringing back a spirit that sparked in the early Eighties when stuff like „Walls of Jericho“ came out. With every succeeding album, we found more of our own style and set the paramaters we wanted for our own sound. The songwriting became more intricate throughout the years, and the melodies and harmonies as well as lead passages progressed a lot. „Heading Northe“ was a real turning point there, and I am very glad with the direction we have taken.

    I think I am not the only one whom your musical production markedly reminds of early HELLOWEEN from the times of „Walls Of Jericho“ or perhaps GAMMA RAY. Do you admit their influence on your music?

    As I said before, in the beginning it was all about delivering the feel you get when listening to albums like „Walls of Jericho“, it was a starting point and I cannot deny that we had those influences back in the day. We surpassed this however a long time ago, and our music by now provides enough characteristics to take a stand on its own. I still like the Helloween stuff and of course I like Gamma Ray as well, but we have no need to ogle what they are doing when we are writing our music. We have carved out our sovereignty and that is where will carry on from.

    If you do, I´d like to ask wheter it was perhaps your original intention to follow the footprints of these legends and continue on the roots of speed metal?

    Well, of course we like to see ourselves as the heirs of the classic bands which molded the Hamburg Heavy Metal sound, since we are from Hamburg ourselves and we grew up with bands like Running Wild and stuff. However it is not only about following someones footprints and ending up as copycats, but more about carrying on where some of those bands left of. It is more about like passing the torch, and we want to make the scene in Hamburg proud with what we do, as we are proud to be a band that emerged from that scene.

    What are your relationships with bands like HELLOWEEN or GAMMA RAY? I know that the cooperation with Kai Hansen is certainly not unknown for the band.

    We have a very good relation with Gamma Ray, we even shared the same rehearsal building for a few years. Kai is a very good friend, who helped us a lot in the beginning, and we are very thankful for that. Gamma Ray and Stormwarrior did a tour in Japan in 2005 and we got along very well. Sometimes we like to tease each other, because we are much younger than they are, but that is of course because of our youthful storminess clashing with their age-related composidness, hahaha! :)

    I can´t stop the feeling that I can hear similar timber in Lars´voice like Kai Hansen has. Have you ever heard such opinion?

    Of course I heard these comparisons in the past, and there were voices naming Lars „little Hansen“ or „Kai’s younger brother“. Anyway, I really cannot hear any apparent similiarities between the voice of Lars and the one of Kai to be honest. Lars is much more aggressive in my opinion, whereas Kai tends to be more „cheerful“, if I may used that word. It is true however that both appear to follow an equal basic key when singing, but that is about it.

    Let´s get back to your current album, „Heathen Warrior“. How much are you satisfied, with a certain time interval, with work done? And how was the album accepted by the fans?

    We are very happy with the way the album turned out, although we had quite a rocky way to hurdle in the process getting the disc done. There were technical, financial and even health-related problems, but that is another story. I delivered my last recorded tracks in march I think, and now had time for six months to refresh my ears. We took some huge steps forward concerning songwriting and using our instruments, and that is something the fans hear as well as far as the current feedback goes. Many people say that they need a few more spins until the new cd clicks, but then it unfolds even more than „Heading Northe“ did. Of course, this is very satisfying for a musician. The fans appear to enjoy especially the title track „Heathen Warrior“ when we perform it on stage. So I guess we are on the right track with what we did on the new album.

    Speaking of fans, who do you think your music is focused on? Have you got more of the younger listeners or rather the nostalgicly remembering veterans?

    Both, but that is something I see with metal fans in general by now. It is not about being a youngster or an old fart anymore, metal music is spanning generations which is very cool to see. We have really young fans standing next to a veteran at our concerts, and it is perfectly legitimate. It shows that metal is a timeless form of music, and what more could you ask for!

    Have you got any interesting story from recording or from writing session of „Heathen Warrior“?

    Well, actually the drumrecording-session had been kind of „different“ this time. Due to a severe back injury our drummer Hendrik was forced to take a recording-break every 30 minutes to rearrange his bones again before he could continue doing his job.
    Because of his back problems his one leg had been a bit longer than the other one so of course the whole scenario took way longer than a normal drumrecording session...haha! At that time he had some kind of „doctor“ providing him with interesting-looking „training-positions“ to strengthen his muscles and to recover his „bone-order“. I don’t remember all of the jokes we did, but sometimes he really looked like a small „Heavy Metal Turtle“...haha!

    Your lyrics are revolving around viking mythology. Why have you chosen this topic? Have you got any closer relation to the nordic countries and their culture? What is the source of your inspiration?

    When we started out with the band, we were looking for a strong image which would equal our music. Especially Lars was always fond of the northern mythology and history, and he even spent some time at university studying those topics. Besides, we are all from northern Germany, very close to the rest of Scandinavia, and Yenz is from Denmark even, so we see our roots in the nordic culture. We chose the topic because we identify with it, and we took the concept at a time when it was not as trendy to rely on viking stuff as it is nowadays with many folk metal bands and whatnot. It is natural to us and we breathe northern culture just the same way we breathe metal, and both things are motors which keep us going.

    I am enjoying the look at the painted covers of your CDs. They breathe with such a retro atmosphere. Who creates the covers for STORMWARRIOR releases? And how such work usually looks like? Have you always got any former idea or do you chose from some rough drawings which are then further worked out?

    Our artwork is done by Uwe Karczewski, who did the album covers for the „Walls of Jericho“ and „Keeper of the Seven Keys“ albums. Actually, his son is our manager, so it was quite obvious to choose Karzewksi doing our artwork, and by that, also reconnecting with the past where we came from listening to those albums. In a time where you have computer-generated cover artworks everywhere it is quite refreshing to have a classic painted cover again. It is very special having something hand-crafted without the usage of Photoshop programs and whatnot. Concerning the second part of your question: Yes, we usually have an idea what should be on the front cover and present our thoughts to Karczewski. Then he gets back to us with some raw sketches and we go off from there. He always hit the nail with his paintings, and he delivered everything just the way we wanted it to be.

    If I´m not wrong, you are going to release a concert DVD. How are the works on this effort going on?

    We had to pause working on the live dvd because we were changing record companies and had to deliver a new studio album first. We had to delay the work on the dvd numerous times, but since „Heathen Warrior“ is out by now we will be going back completing the rest. I think there is not that much to do anymore with the dvd and you can expect a release pretty soon!

    Can you say any details about this DVD to make fans more curious about it? What can we look forward to?

    As most of you know the dvd will feature the complete show we did with Kai Hansen at the Wacken Open Air in 2007. There were 25,000 fans yelling throughout the show, we had all the fireworks on stage and some special performances of some classic Helloween-tunes from the „Walls of Jericho“-era. Besides, the dvd will most likely feature some more recent recordings from shows we did in the last year with the new line up, and I think there will be some clips revealing the shocking history of STORMWARRIOR, hahaha :)

    More generally,what is the band preparing for the future? I know that it is rather difficult to answer this but you certainly have got some plans.

    We are preparing a tour throughout Europe which will hopefuly go ahead in late 2011. Of course we are trying to book as many shows and festivals as possible in support of the new album. Besides, as I said in the beginning, we have to start looking for a new drummer, so if you are reading this right now and believe you are the right man for the job, have a look at and drop us a mail!

    I was always interested in what is a musician doing in his free time. Could you tell us how do you spend it if you have any?

    Being a musician is a 24 hours-job, you have to work on your career all the time or you are going to be a goner. However, if there is some time off, I myself prefer to spend it together with my son and my wife, going to the play yard or zoo – civic stuff like that, haha. Reading books or hitting the buttons on my Xbox-console is also very relaxing.

    I think that is all from my side. Thank you for the time that you´ve spent with this interview and I wish both you and the band a lot of succes in the future and I am looking forward to new efforts in STORMWARRIOR´s discography.

    Thank you very much, hope to see you on tour! Keep it metal!
  • Michael Bormann: I am a workaholic, but I realize, that this is not everything....

    Feb 9 2011, 23:51 di CrimsonVolume

    By: Crimson Thunder

    German singer and multi-instrumenalist Michael Bormann released his latest solo CD called "Different" at the end of the year 2010. Almost immediately after I had reviewed the CD I started to be interested in possible interview. And my interview request was successful. So now you can return back in time to the Christmas, when the questions - concerning especially the new album - were prepared. The answers got to me in the middle of January, so please keep that in mind when it comes to some time datas. Have a nice reading!

    (Česká verze zde)

    Hello Michael! I am glad to make this interview with you! I hope I don´t disturb you very much during the Christmas time. How do you enjoy these days? Is it really the time of joy and peace for you or is it rather hectic for you?

    Hi. Well, christmas was very nice. Took some time out and spent some time with friends and family. Now, middle January, I´m back in business. In the last years I was aleays working. Usually I don´t care so much for christmas, or other happinings....I´m pretty much working all the time ;-)..

    Well, let me get to your latest album called „Different“. It´s only a month since it was released, so I suppose it could be a great Christmas present for some people. How are your feelings about the album a month after the release?

    I feel totally great about my decision songwise. It´s like you´re listening to a best of album. I love the variety of the songs. Should have done it years ago, as I always thought this way..... But better late than never -)

    How was the feedback from press and especially from the fans so far?

    Just great. Looks like I was right ;-). Ok, you can´t please them all.....But that happens always. The majority digs the album and thinks it´s my best solo-cd..

    Your newest CD has a really fitting title. It is really „different“ compared to your previous albums. And I don´t have only „Capture The Moment“ in my mind right now. I think that this is your most diverse album to date. There´s everything. Smart rock songs, great hard rock tracks and nice ballads. Do you think the same?

    I totally agree. And to be honest, this was my plan. I write constantly songs (also for other artists) in all directions. That´s what I´m good in. And why not doing the same for myself. There´s enuff to pick, if you want so. The rockers will hate the ballads and the girls will hate the harder stuff. But it´s great songs, no matter what. It just lies in the eye of the beholder. At least I love them all. And that´s the most important thing!

    Apart from diversity, it´s much more atmospheric album in my opinion. For example songs like „No Way Out – It Hurts“, „My Favorite Time“ or „Who Really Wants To Get Older“ have a very personal feeling. Do you think that „Different“ is the most personal album you have done to date?

    No, I don´t. I always write the same way. Textual I also write about my life and things that people can relate to. Every album is personal at the time of recording, producing. They´re all my babies, as I write everything, all the time....

    How many people have helped you with the recording? I know you did most of the album by yourself, but still, you had some help from your friends on several tracks…

    Actually 6 people. Like on the other records I had „Andreas Rippelmeier“ on several guitars and leadguitars, Lanvall on one leadguitar, Chris Ivo, Marco Grasshoff and Eric Ragno on some keyboards. Barish, my old JADED HEART-buddy cowrote one song and played most of the guitars on it.That´s it. I am very grateful to have these great musicians on board.

    Did they compose anything as well? Or is „Different“ composed completly by you?

    Just a little. They more or less contributed a riff, idea or so. Only „Wouldn´t let you down“ and „No way out – it hurts“ we have really written together.

    How long did the writing and recording process of new album took?

    Well the writing never really takes that long. Most of my songs are written in 15minutes..they just come into my mind wherever and whenever.... But this time it took forever to record and produce.... For the first time in my life I was kinda burned out, so I basicly did, what I had to do, not more, not less. That´s why it took me almost 1 – 1,5 years to finish my album. I was fed up with sitting in the studio alone…….

    You have got some gigs planned for 2011. Will there be any more in 2011?

    We´ll tour Europe. Start will be in Madrid (Ritmo y compas) on the 9th of April ;-)…. We´re working on more gigs around the globe. A few festivals and stuff. Dates will be posted..

    You´re not only musician but you are also producer. Is there any interesting band you´ve produced lately?

    I just finished the second SAHARA RAIN-CD. I love to work as a producer.

    As it seems, you spend a lot of time with music. Have you got any time for your family?

    Not really, but I plan to change that and I´ve already started to step a little back....I am a workaholic, but I realize, that this is not everything....

    The end of the year is in sight and that´s also time for some evaluation. How do you see the year 2010 when it comes to music? What were the good things and the bad ones for you?

    Actually I am not really up to date when it comes to the business. I sit in my studio and for me it´s always the same....When I´m home, I never listen to music.. Maybe on partys, but that´s it...On top I am very happy that 2010 is over, as I suffered from a burn out, or midlifecrisis, or whatever it´´s called...haha.. It´s gone, thank god.....

    What are your plans for the nearest future? Have you got any New Year resolution?

    Right now I am working on the 2nd REDRUM. It will be done in a month from now. The tour-rehearsals have started one month ago and we´re working every weekend on the material to become one.....Another Heavy Metal -album will come up with me singing, before I produce some other bands later this year.... Well, I´m busy as hell.....

    Michael, thanks a lot for your time. We wish you Merry Christmas and all the best in New Year! If you have some last words for your Czech fans, you can say them.

    Christmas is over, but soon there again, hahahaha... Hope to see you all on stage. It´s time to rock the world. ;). Check out my page for the tourplans and news.
    Thank you very much.

  • Maike Holzmann (Voices Of Destiny): I don’t model myself on a special person

    Dic 11 2010, 23:27 di CrimsonVolume

    By: Blackwish

    There are lots of gothic metal bands and it´s very difficult to find one, that would be worth a word. But VOICES OF DESTINY - although they have released only one full length CD, is worth a word. Their music is catchy, full of double vocals, keybords and heavy guitars. That´s why I decided to ask a few questions their vocalist Maike.

    (Česká verze zde)

    Hello! Your band Voices of Destiny managed to get among my favorite bands with it’s debut album. Still, you haven’t got that much recognition in Czech Republic, yet. Could you please introduce the band shortly?

    Voices of Destiny was found 2004 by Christopher (guitar) and Jens (bass). After their schoolmates Lukas (keyboards) and Erik (drums) had joined the band, the instrumental line-up was complete. In Oktober 2005 they decided to separate from their singer at that time and after a short search I entered the band. Since then we love making metal together.

    I can’t help myself but I feel influences of bands like Nightwish, Within Temptation and Epica in your music. Can I understand it in the way that they are your main sources of inspiration?

    They are definitely sources of inspiration, as we all like to listen to these bands and their style of music. But everyone of us listens to many other bands and styles as well, so we’re influenced by several bands I’d say.

    Not so long ago you released your debut album „From The Ashes“. What do you think about it? How would you describe the progress from the EP „Dare To Reach“?

    I like „From the Ashes“ because it has a lot of great songs on it and is a good mixture between heavy and softer songs .
    In fact all the songs from „Dare To Reach“ are to be found on „From The Ashes“ as well, but the few new songs on it show a great developement in our music. Besides that there is another wide difference. We recorded the EP in our homestudio by ourselves, the album on the other side at the Red Room Studios with Andy Horn. This professional support can be heared on the album very clearly.

    Who’s actually your singer ideal?

    I don’t model myself on a special person. There are many great singers in the world, who are an inspiration of course, but I try to find my own style.

    Your voice is beautiful, clear and characteristic. Are you a self-taught person or do you have a teacher?

    Since I entered the band in 2005 I’ve got a classical voice teacher. She really helped me to get better and it’s always fun working with her.

    Speaking of vocals – Voices of Destiny is a name that, I’d say, quite characterizes your music, full of multiple vocal lines. I’d like to know how do you do that during live shows. Do you use a partial playback?

    No we don’t use a playback for the background vocals. I only sing the main lines.

    As I said before, your work made a quite an impression on me. Can you tell me who composes the music? And do you write your vocal lines by yourself?

    Lukas, our keyboard player, is the composer of most of our songs, he writes all the lyrics and also nearly every vocal line. Just in some cases I take that.

    Now, let’s go back to the CD „From The Ashes“. Not very long ago you made a music video for song „All Eyes On Me“, which is, in my opinion, the heaviest song from the album. Why did you choose exactly this song? Do you consider it to be the best one?

    Many people responded to All Eyes On Me very positively. Someone even uploaded it on Youtube. And as we also like this song very much we decided to shoot a video clip.

    The music video seems to me, unlike the music, a little bit unprofessional...

    Your feeling concerning that is not wrong :) We wanted to make a video clip for All Eyes On Me, but we didn’t have the budget for it so we couldn’t hire any professionals. Therefore we made it on our own with the help of many friends - from the camera work to the illumination.

    The album is out, there’s only a tour left – do you plan any?

    Unfortunately there’s no tour planned. But we try to play live as often as possible.

    Do you perform live only in Germany or have you crossed the borders already? Can we prepare for your shows in Czech Republic, too?

    We just played in Germany till now, but we would be pleased about performing in other countries. If there’s an interest in booking us just contact us via our homepage and we’ll see what we can do.

    At the ending I’d like to know how do you take in the success of the band and whether you have any dream of where you would like to get?

    Although the album is released all over the world, there are not so many changes for us so far – besides the many interviews :). But of course we would like to support a band on their tour or even tour for ourselves. If we could get this chance it would be the fulfillment of a big dream already.

    The very last question will be quite an obligate one. What message would you like to send to Czech listeners and reads of VolumeMax?

    Hey, I’m the singer of the metal band Voices of Destiny. In February this year we released our debut album and we worked hard on it to make it a good one! I hope you enjoy our music! We already work on the preproduction for the second album, so be excited and stay metal!