Why Tool sucks...

  • Why Tool sucks...

    Who needs a reason?

    Fuck Tool.

  • I'll give you a reason:

    Hard rock + art school pretension masquerading as metal.

    Not very good, not new, not unique. Crass, even. Without the elegant violence of real metal.

    I put them in the same category as Pantera, Meshuggah, Opeth, Cradle of Filth, Cannibal Corpse and other fakers -- music for groundlings who want to appear as if they're profound to their friends.

    Listen to too much Tool, and you'll end up buying a Macintosh and selling your ass to Arab pirates.

  • 3 reasons:
    -In GH:WT their gig costs 8K,and it sucks.
    -Their songs take too long,and they suck.
    -They suck.

    Killing whales is sad passtimes.
  • They tour with good bands so as to deceive people to believe that they aren't boring, middle-aged (they are the only old musicians who seem old) faggots. But they suck.

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