• Series 4

    here we go again.

    i believe it's coming back on the 5th april.

    anyhow, trailer here:

  • gawwd catherine tate is annoying... he can do so much better

  • Buttercanes said:
    gawwd catherine tate is annoying... he can do so much better

    I wasn't looking forward to CT as the assistant, but I reckon she's turned out OK. S4 has been really great so far, much better than S3

    So much music, so little time (John Peel)
  • i see what you mean now. i want rose to come back already!

  • i was convinced she was gonna come back in the library episodes.

    i was, obviously wrong. and disappointed.

    when is rose coming back?

    also in the library episodes i just wanted to give him a big hug when he got sad that he had to leave the future person to die. but then he sort of saved her and i did not get that.

  • yeah! i thought he would somehow bring her back to life what with all the 'sometimes, not everybody dies'
    but whatever
    yeahhh did you think that about rose because in the trailers she says 'the darkness is coming' etc? shame donna didn't see her hubby


  • i did not understand what the hell was going on for half of that episode but it was sad at the end and it really fucked me up when he left the other doctor for rose.

  • it was great though! the doctor and rose together finally! even if he's not the proper one. errghh how annoying is sarah jane... i suppose martha and mickey will be having lots of sex on the new torchwood?

    i went to see adulthood the other night, jackie and martha's mum are in it hahhaa

  • Hey now, what's wrong with MMmMMMmMMMmMMmmartha Jones exactly?

    I am doomey.
  • Her hair looked silly.

  • :) lol best come back ever.. probably...

    I am doomey.
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