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  • Zephral

    Steve Albini would hate this group [3]

    Marzo 2014
  • grinngo

    Steve Albini hates this group, he hates you and he hates Last FM. But most of all, he hates Nirvana.

    Gennaio 2014
  • Punching_joe

    Steve Albini better than god

    Marzo 2013
  • wild-gift

    "Steve Albini is the man"

    Marzo 2013
  • Nakkinak

    Steve Albini would hate this group [2]

    Novembre 2012
  • HarryFearless

    But Nirvana's In Utero is such a good album! Also atm Nirvana is at number 7 on the charts... x

    Gennaio 2012
  • oGhRe

    Thank god there's no Nirvarna on these charts. [2]

    Dicembre 2011
  • MostShitty

    Little ironic that your ass is on your face

    Agosto 2011
  • mutantoverlords

    Little ironic that sonic youth is topping the charts...

    Giugno 2011
  • velvetsuicide

    "If we take all these observations into account we conclude that Steve Albini isn’t God, no matter what 331 would think. Our spokesman is a sincere, creative and authentic musician that doesn’t need the confusing and inappropriate morals of the flock." - Well said.

    Maggio 2011
  • whiteheatmag

    There's a new article online! Shellac - Maximising autonomy You can read it here: Cheers The White Heat staff

    Marzo 2011
  • horsiest

    I just wonder how Eric Clapton feels about this group

    Novembre 2010
  • somnambulance

    blessed black wings <3

    Ottobre 2010
  • Monty__

    Yes, he'd burn this group to the ground.

    Ottobre 2010
  • ElNuevoPure

    Steve Albini would hate this group

    Ottobre 2010
  • sex_in_secret

    Haters gonna hate.

    Ottobre 2010
  • boopermagic

    finally saw mr. albini play live in Shellac last week...incredible! :)

    Settembre 2010
  • RockyRevolution

    he's so ugly.that makes me sad.

    Settembre 2010
  • bikercrank

    I think that god is an over used term

    Agosto 2010
  • MadThespian

    I can count on one hand the number of Albini songs I dislike.

    Agosto 2010
  • VCheka

    Quite a bit of Albini influence here. DIY compilation from Glasgow, Scotland!

    Maggio 2010
  • StealYourFace95

    all connected artists are black and white..

    Maggio 2010
  • Mouth_Breather

    Rapeman rapes...

    Aprile 2010
  • the_big_cheese

    Marzo 2010
  • god_of_monkeys

    I let you shave my pussy, you let me paint your dick.

    Marzo 2010
  • wondabhoy

    The God!!!!

    Marzo 2010
  • Taskusorsa

    A god or the god ?

    Marzo 2010
  • skazzembar

    Febbraio 2010
  • ExplodedTicket

    Why is husker du on the connected artists

    Febbraio 2010
  • ExplodedTicket

    Steve Albini probably wouldn't like anyone thinking of him as god but idgaf joining this group anyways.

    Febbraio 2010
  • TetrisLBlock


    Gennaio 2010
  • Hasbox

    holy shit a steve albini group :O. one day i want to record like him...

    Dicembre 2009
  • listentofugazi

    albini is matermind recording producing genious...rape man-monobrow personal favorite...

    Dicembre 2009
  • rodanside

    Hey man. HEY man! I wanna have a fight with you

    Dicembre 2009
  • p4nts

    fuck yeaaar

    Novembre 2009
  • kaylastarkiller

    who's starting the church of steve albini with me? i mean, since he's obviously god.

    Ottobre 2009

    I would love to record a record at Electrical Audio.

    Ottobre 2009
  • Steris

    Albini vocally disliked Husker, why are they in Connected artists?

    Ottobre 2009
  • ManIDontEven

    I pretty much joined this group just for the awesome charts, but Big Black is awesome.

    Settembre 2009
  • Cacophonaut

    This group is so much win [2]

    Agosto 2009
  • TetrisLBlock

    This group is so much win

    Maggio 2009
  • hashdum

    whoever took over my group, i thank thee

    Febbraio 2009
  • ilikepavement

    Hi guys, Albini grabbed my friends package lol, in a handshake-like way - I have pics!!! - Check out Alkali Flat - Free downloads... help yourself :) Thanks

    Febbraio 2009
  • srparcero


    Gennaio 2009
  • srparcero

    Albini will produce Berri Txarrak!! Form Basque Country!! Take a listen:

    Gennaio 2009
  • doolittle965

    I get the feeling that Albini would hate a group devoted solely to him, but some things are just necessary, sorry Steve!

    Gennaio 2009
  • Ikari-Gendo

    Joining if only to get more Waits on that chart. Albini's a cool dude, too. Fucking love Atomizer.

    Dicembre 2008
  • corey__


    Novembre 2008
  • Swarrrmed

    I'm loving the Tom Waits in the charts.

    Ottobre 2008
  • Swarrrmed

    Lurkers join.

    Ottobre 2008