Snobbish people are stupid.

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Data creazione: 13 Feb 2009
Hi all.Group for people who don't like snobbery.Especially those folks that knows unfriendly snobbs in their environment.Death to foolish self-centred persons :)

Not so long ago(trip)
Me:How old is that phone?
Snobb:Dunno,but brand new,hell yea!
Me:With Prada sign,mhm,interesting-_-'Oh,you have new iPhone?
Snobb:This one suck.I'll buy new one with 100 GB of memory and first generation things;)By the way my bag is soo heavy,i need new one:(
Me:Have you heard 'bout african child's?They 're starving and you're complaining about everything ,even your backpack.
Snobb:Oh really?Nevermind.(end of stupid conversation)

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