Flop 5: Siobhans worst songs.

  • Flop 5: Siobhans worst songs.

    Hey I was wondering, again. What are Siobhans 5 worst song.

    Yeah, I know it's hard, becoz she's great, but i'll bet you'll find something :)

    # 1: Fickle (Demo)
    # 2: Sometimes
    # 3: Don't Know Why (Twist Of Fate B-Site)
    # 4: Carpe Diem (Unreleased)
    # 5: Dialect

  • #1: Sometimes
    #2: Halcyon Days
    #3: Nothing But Song
    #4: Overrated
    #5: Suasex

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  • difficult one.

    ok, i'll try to find 5 :)

    1. Hard to Say
    2. Carpe Diem
    3. Obscured by Clouds
    4. Thus Far
    5. Don't Know Why.

  • Ugh Guys, when i see my post, i could puke. I found a better version of "Fickle" and now i LOVE it! :D

    My Flop 5 (reloaded)

    1. Don't Know Why
    2. I'm Glad You're Mine
    3. Carpe Diem
    4. Sometimes
    5. Little Bits

    (i also don't like "Sounds Like A Plan & Without You" so much.)

    • CGholy ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Nov 22 2010, 17:51
    Kind of hard. I think Sounds Like A Plan is rather weak compared to her other work.

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  • I don't like
    1. Halcyon days
    2. So you say
    3. Carpe diem
    4. Suasex
    5. Dialect

    (I also don't like "12 bar acid blues", "Thus far", "Sounds like a plan" and "Obscured by clouds" either, but they aren't as worse as the first 5 ones).

    • CGholy ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Giu 14 2011, 1:40
    1. Don't Know Why
    2. Sounds Like A Plan
    3. Carpe Diem
    4. Without You
    5. Same Old Story (with Sugababes)

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