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Broken, bouncing mixed up radio waves from your planet. Sometimes you just can't "scrobble" everything, but who cares? Spreading the word about the most prolific radio on the planet....

What can you expect to hear on the shirley and Spinoza radio stream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

- excerpts, lifts and edits from our past pirate fm & webcasts
- excerpts from past live guest shows
- contemporary concoctions by s&S
- collage, music, radio and soundworks by our favorite soundmaking associates - near and far
- music the super-computer justs plain likes a whole lot
- extractions/ edits from the columns of old records that prop the virtual studio ceiling up
- old timey radio, stories
- field and travel recordings
- phone messages, call-ins
- stray noises, grabs from the ether (via shortwave radio)
- submissions from listeners!
- ...and LIVE webcasts (* though not currently)

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