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Data creazione: 9 Mar 2009
For all the fans of the amazing Rain Diary.

The SEAsons change and so does the sky,
but it nEVER abandons the grey.

And there’s alWAYs the pain
to feed disbeLIEves for the broken ones.

Founding members - father Music,
mOTHER Despair, sister MErcy
and brOTHER Desire -
faiLED to give happiness and joy.

Until paths crossed xz.xy.yxx7
aND the family crew wi[l]d[e].

In love grows thy fear,
in lust shALL thy sear,
with us, we hope,
you’ll fINd your remedy
and couRAGE to cry.

... caUSE riverbreeze needs a soul.

There are no holes IN the sky.
Let the dREams begin.

- rain diary -

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